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  • [Fun fact 1]  You can now get a headstone with a qr code. called “living headstones”, they show pages with photos, video biographies, and comments from loved ones.

  • [Fun fact 2]  Toto was paid $125 per week while filming the wizard of oz.

  • [Fun fact 3]  When opossums are "playing 'possum," they are not playing. they actually pass out from sheer terror.

  • [Fun fact 4]  There is an island called “just enough room”, where there’s just enough room for a tree and a house.

  • [Fun fact 5]  In greece, women are not legally allowed to wear high heels or tall hats in the olympic stadium.

  • [Fun fact 6]  Wayne's world was filmed in two weeks.

  • [Fun fact 7]  At the Gettysburg reunion in 1913, two men purchased a hatchet, walked to the site where their regiments had fought, and buried it.

  • [Fun fact 8]  The cigarette lighter was invented before the match.

  • [Fun fact 9]  Ostriches stick their heads in the sand to look for water.

  • [Fun fact 10]  The oldest customer complaint dates back to ancient Mesopotamia. In the nearly 4000-year-old cuneiform tablet, a customer claims he was sold inferior copper ingots.

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