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  • [Random fact 1] Toto was paid $125 per week while filming the wizard of oz.

  • [Random fact 2] Caribbean sperm whales have their own accents.

  • [Random fact 3] The oldest customer complaint dates back to ancient Mesopotamia. In the nearly 4000-year-old cuneiform tablet, a customer claims he was sold inferior copper ingots.

  • [Random fact 4] There is a bar in london that sells vaporized vodka, which is inhaled instead of sipped.

  • [Random fact 5] The Mayflower landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620. A journal from the ship reads, “We could not now take time for further search or consideration; our victuals being much spent especially our Beere.”

  • [Random fact 6] Kotex was first manufactured as bandages, during wwi.

  • [Random fact 7] Unlike most fish, seahorses are covered in bony plates instead of scales.

  • [Random fact 8] The sound of a star wars lightsaber was created by pairing together the sound of an idle film projector and the buzz from an old tv set.

  • [Random fact 9] The space between your eyebrows is a glabella. That’s also the name of the bone underneath that space that connects your brow ridges.

  • [Random fact 10] After an online vote in 2011, Toyota announced that the official plural of Prius is Prii.

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