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  • [Random fact 1] Newborn elephants suck their trunks for comfort.

  • [Random fact 2] Penguins can jump as high as six feet in the air.

  • [Random fact 3] IKEA consumes about 1 percent of the world's lumber.

  • [Random fact 4] Theodore Roosevelt's daughter Alice had a pet snake named Emily Spinach. She liked to carry it around the White House in her purse and take it out at unexpected moments.

  • [Random fact 5] Percentage of americans who say that god has spoken to them: 36.

  • [Random fact 6] The hand and footprints in front of los angeles’s chinese theater tradition started accidentally when silent film actress, norma talmadge stepped on wet cement.

  • [Random fact 7] Many people are either right- or left-eared and eyed in the same way we're right- or left-handed.

  • [Random fact 8] The verb "unfriend" first appeared in 1659.

  • [Random fact 9] Ornithologists often use Cheetos to study behavior in crows. Along with being easy to spot because of their bright orange color, they’re also one of a crow’s favorite treats.

  • [Random fact 10] Because the speed of Earth’s rotation changes over time, a day in the age of dinosaurs was just 23 hours long.

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