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  • [Actors fact 1] When a salesperson asks a shopper which of several items she or he prefers, the shopper will often skip the question “Should I buy? and instead ask “Which one should I buy?”


  • [Actors fact 2] Oprah Winfrey’s actual name is spelled Orpah, a biblical name. It is present on her birth certificate. However, people didn’t really know how to pronounce ‘Orpah’ and misspelled it as Oprah. Therefore she just stuck with it and began to call herself Oprah.


  • [Actors fact 3] For The "American Psycho" movie, studio wanted Leonardo DiCaprio for the Bateman role and were willing to quadruple the budget to accommodate DiCaprio's $21 million quote. Meanwhile, Christian Bale turned down all roles and auditions for 9 months, confident that DiCaprio would eventually decline the part.


  • [Actors fact 4] In Deadpool 2, one of the rednecks talking about toilet paper is actually Matt Damon in four hours’ worth of prosthetic makeup.


  • [Actors fact 5] In preparation for filming the Porsche chase scene in the movie Red Notice (2021), Dwayne Johnson got stuck trying to get into the car, due to his massive frame. Shots were changed and combined in editing, to make Dwayne’s entrance and exit from the Porsche appear seamless.


  • [Actors fact 6] Elvis Presley was 24 years old when he started seeing 14-year-old Priscilla.


  • [Actors fact 7] inflation The U.S. inflation rate has fluctuated between nearly zero inflation and 23% The annual inflation rate in the United States has fluctuated greatly over its history, ranging from nearly zero inflation to 23% inflation. The federal government tries to keep inflation around 2-3%.


  • [Actors fact 8] In 1994, American actor David Hasselhoff tried to re-ignite his music career by staging a Pay Per View performance. The event, however, was eclipsed by the live coverage of OJ Simpson fleeing from police. Hasselhoff's event took a $1.5 million loss.


  • [Actors fact 9] One of the most expensive coins in the world is the 1913 Liberty Head nickel. One sold in 2010 for $3,737,500. It is so rare because it was printed by a rogue mint employee who made only five of the coins.


  • [Actors fact 10] The episode of Seinfeld where Jerry dated a deaf woman actually hired a deaf actor. Her name is Marlee Matlin, and she is the only deaf performer to win an academy award.


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