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  • [Actors fact 1] In 1977, Arnold posed nude for the gay magazine After Dark.


  • [Actors fact 2] In the 113 years since the inception of the Dow, the average length of a bull market has been 2.7 years.


  • [Actors fact 3] Actress Constance Smith went to jail for stabbing her boyfriend (Paul Rotha) in 1962. She stabbed him again in 1968 and was charged with attempted murder. They married in 1974.


  • [Actors fact 4] More than 8 million people fall victim to identity theft in the U.S. each year. Consumers spend hundreds of millions of hours trying to resolve the problem, stop the fraud, and clear up their credit reports.


  • [Actors fact 5] Retailers rely on several psychological triggers to attract consumers into their store, such as placing limits on items, offering “gifts” with purchase, employing visual tricks, and declaring that sales are ending soon (when in fact discounts are common throughout the season).


  • [Actors fact 6] While shooting the 1998 film "Twilight" Susan Sarandon was under the impression that it was for equal pay, but the studio meant only for the men. Co-star Paul Newman stepped up and gave her part of his salary.


  • [Actors fact 7] In the housing bubble of 2006 and 2007, banks began to give “NINJA mortgages”—housing loans to people with No Income, No Job, No Assets.


  • [Actors fact 8] Will Ferrell turned down $29 million to do a sequel to Elf. 'It wasn't difficult at all,' he said. 'I remember asking myself: could I withstand the criticism when it's bad and they say, "He did the sequel for the money"?


  • [Actors fact 9] Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz (Lucy and Ricky on "I Love Lucy") not only saved "Star Trek" from cancellation in 1966 but also helped produce it.


  • [Actors fact 10] Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot attended law school after she left the Israeli military, with intention of becoming a lawyer, but her agent persuaded her to drop out in order to audition for the role of a “Bond girl” in Quantum of Solace, a part she did not ultimately receive.


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