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  • [Amazing fact 1] No one who was born blind has ever developed schizophrenia. However, autism is unusually common among people with congenital blindness.


  • [Amazing fact 2] Most male Vulcan names begin with “S” and most females’ names with a “T” followed by an apostrophe.


  • [Amazing fact 3] The name "Uranus" is an homage to the Greek god Ouranos, Father Sky, who is the father of Cronus (Saturn) and the grandfather of Zeus (Jupiter).


  • [Amazing fact 4] Flamingos turn white if their diet is not supplemented with live shrimp or flamingo food containing carotenoid pigments.

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  • [Amazing fact 5] The Malleefowl is famed for making a huge compost pile for its nest. Its eggs are incubated by the heat given off by the rotting vegetation.

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  • [Amazing fact 6] In France, a fried egg is either baked directly on top of a pizza or baked in a separate pan and then placed on top.


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  • [Amazing fact 8] In a recent survey, americans revealed that banana was their favorite smell.

  • [Amazing fact 9] Geckos can turn the stickiness of their feet on and off at will.

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  • [Amazing fact 10] There are two main species of the coffee plant used to commercially produce coffee: 1) Coffee arabica, which originated in the Middle East, and 2) Coffea robusta, which originated in the Congo. Arabica trees produce the best quality coffee and are the most widely cultivated (3/4 of the world’s coffee), while Robusta beans are hardier, contain 40-50% more caffeine, and are used in many instant coffees.


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