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  • [Architecture fact 1] In 1848, to begin construction on the Niagara Falls Suspension Bridge, engineers needed to secure a line across the 800-foot chasm. The lead engineer held a kite-flying contest and eventually paid a local boy $5 for securing the first line over the river


  • [Architecture fact 2] The value of Monica's apartment from "Friends" tv show is $3,500,000.


  • [Architecture fact 3] The Eiffel Tower leans slightly toward the shade on sunny days.


  • [Architecture fact 4] A major reason Los Angeles grew to be so huge was that they controlled the entire area's water supply (Los Angeles Aqueduct) - the only way surrounding towns could get water was to annex themselves to Los Angeles.


  • [Architecture fact 5] The Krusty Krab is modeled after a New England lobster trap.


  • [Architecture fact 6] The Tennessee Valley Authority, now known as one of the largest electricity producers in the U.S., was created by Congress and Roosevelt in 1936 to improve the infrastructure and economy of the Appalachia region which, at the time, was one of the most impoverished parts of the country.


  • [Architecture fact 7] The Big Ben’s bell has a unique sound because it cracked in 1859, barely two months after its inauguration. The bell has since been oriented in such a way that the hammer doesn’t strike the ‘crack.’


  • [Architecture fact 8] Women who travel on vacation at least twice a year are less likely to suffer from depression than those who don't travel or those who vacation less.


  • [Architecture fact 9] Spiral Island is the name of a floating artificial island built in Mexico by British artist Richart "Reishee" Sowa. It was destroyed by Hurricane Emily in 2005. It was built from thousands of empty floating plastic bottles.


  • [Architecture fact 10] Those giant cylinder towers at nuclear power plants are for cooling water and the stuff coming out of it isn’t smoke but water vapor.


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