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  • [Architecture fact 1] The reason buildings in Hong Kong have gaping holes is to allow dragons free passage from their mountain homes to the sea.


  • [Architecture fact 2] In 2015, a team of architects in U.K. led by a man named Jonathan Wilson started an IndieGoGo campaign to raise $2.9 billion to build Minas Tirith, the beautiful city that was built into a mountainside in ‘Lord of the Rings.’


  • [Architecture fact 3] In order to dissuade Germans from invading, Julius Caesar built a bridge into their territory, marched his armies across, returned, then destroyed the bridge. The Germans got the message and never invaded.


  • [Architecture fact 4] Originally built as a fortress in the late 12th century, the Louvre Museum is the most visited museum in the world, with over nine million visitors annually.


  • [Architecture fact 5] It cost $20 million to evict the last four tenants of a Manhattan apartment building to renovate it. The last tenant was so stubborn and savvy that he received $17 million of the money, plus use of a $2 million condo for life.


  • [Architecture fact 6] Women who vacation at least twice a year have a significantly lower risk of suffering a heart attack than those who travel every six years or so.


  • [Architecture fact 7] France lost so many workers during its failed attempt to dig the Panama Canal, that for a time their project's main source of income was selling the corpses (pickled in brine water) to medical schools all over the world as cadavers.


  • [Architecture fact 8] A "xenophobe"  is someone who fears travelers from a foreign land.


  • [Architecture fact 9] American public official Robert Moses built bridges across his parkways low in order to "restrict the use of state parks by poor and lower-middle-class families," who did not own cars and would arrive by bus.


  • [Architecture fact 10] McDonald's in Sedona, Arizona is the only McDonald's with turquoise instead of golden arches because the government deemed the yellow ones to be contrasting too much with the surrounding area's scenic rock and opted for bluish-green arches instead.


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