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  • [Architecture fact 1] The Great Wall of China is partially built with rice. Scientists found the mortar used in constructing the wall is a "Rice-Lime" composite material. The mix of limestone and sticky rice gives the mortar more stable physical properties which offer resistance to earthquakes and the elements.


  • [Architecture fact 2] In Japan, houses are considered depreciating assets. Half of all homes are destroyed by the time they are 38 and rebuilt. There are 4 times as many architects and twice as many construction workers per capita as the US. There is no home equity LOC and virtually no home improvement industry.


  • [Architecture fact 3] During the 1980s Japanese property bubble, the value of the Tokyo Imperial Palace was higher than all of the real estate in the state of California.


  • [Architecture fact 4] The “singing” Colossi of Memnon are two large statues of Pharoah Amenhotep III that have been described throughout history to be making low moaning, whistling, or blowing noises due to vaporizing dew escaping from cracks within the statues.


  • [Architecture fact 5] Men who do not take a vacation at least once a year have a 20% higher risk of death and 30% greater risk of heart disease.


  • [Architecture fact 6] The Krusty Krab is modeled after a New England lobster trap.


  • [Architecture fact 7] A unique travel company called "Pack Up + Go" schedules travelers on surprise trips. They survey their clients and then schedule a secret destination.


  • [Architecture fact 8] Billionaires in London are building "Iceberg Mansions" where most of the home is below ground.


  • [Architecture fact 9] Julia Morgan was the first woman to be admitted to the architecture program at l'École Nationale Supérieure Des Beaux-Arts in Paris and the first woman architect licensed in California. She became William Randolph Hearst's principal architect, working on Hearst Castle from 1919 to 1947.


  • [Architecture fact 10] The value of Monica's apartment from "Friends" tv show is $3,500,000.


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