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  • [Architecture fact 1] Old fire houses had towers constructed to hang the fire hoses up to dry. Canvas hoses had to be dried thoroughly to avoid deterioration.


  • [Architecture fact 2] The revolving door was invented because the inventor disliked the social convention of men holding doors for women.


  • [Architecture fact 3] WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities for Organic Farming) is a program that allows a person to travel the world for free in exchange for volunteer work.


  • [Architecture fact 4] When George Washington became president, he scrapped the plans for “Washington monument” as he didn’t want to use public money for a personal memorial monument. Long after he died, in 1833 a small group of Washingtonians established a society to raise private funds for the project and got it built.


  • [Architecture fact 5] William Shakespeare’s final place of residence named New Place was demolished by the very person who purchased it in 1756. Reverend Francis Gastrell was so frustrated with all the tourists visiting Shakespeare’s former house that in 1759 he demolished it. The man was kicked out of the town because of this act.


  • [Architecture fact 6] Before elevators, the 2nd floor of buildings were the most sought after because you didn’t have to walk up a lot of stairs and you were above the street level, avoiding all the noises and smells. It’s why a lot of older buildings have larger/nicer rooms on the second floor.


  • [Architecture fact 7] The marble lions outside the New York Public Library were named Patience and Fortitude by Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia during the Great Depression.


  • [Architecture fact 8] An average jet engine is over 70,000 horsepower. An average car engine is about 100 horsepower.


  • [Architecture fact 9] Buildings in Amsterdam 'lean' inwards not due to a trick of the eye or bad architecture, but because it makes it easier to hoist furniture up if the buildings are slightly slanted.


  • [Architecture fact 10] The city of Glasgow spends an estimated £10,000 each year for removing traffic cones from the head of the statue of the Duke of Wellington. This is because every time it is removed, people replace it.


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