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  • [Badass fact 1] During the French Revolution, Maximilien De Robespierre was signing a lot of people to the Guillotine for execution, even his own comrades. Long story short, he wasn't telling who was on the list so in fear of the possibility of being on the list a bunch of other revolutionaries came to “arrest” him so Maximilien shot himself in the face, but only managed to shatter his lower jaw and didn't die. They left him to bleed for a while in a cell, healed up his bleeding as best as possible, then executed him the next day.


  • [Badass fact 2] U.S. Air Force pilot Brian Udell once survived an ejection from an F-15 that was flying faster than the speed of sound. The extreme forces he endured tore his gloves, shredded his G suit, took his helmet off, broke his limbs, and dislocated his joints. He fully recovered, continued flying, and retired as a Southwest captain.


  • [Badass fact 3] Edward Loder is the most decorated man in the Boston Fire Department's history. After his first decade of service, he was assigned to Rescue One because of his reputation for being tough. In 1990, he saved a mentally unstable woman from jumping from her 16th-floor hotel room by rappelling down from the roof of the hotel by a guideline and tackling her away from the ledge right when she was about to jump. In 1993, he caught a mental patient with one hand right after he jumped and had to hang on to the rescue ladder with the other hand. He had to hold on to the jumper until the ladder was lowered down.


  • [Badass fact 4] In 2007, a dog named Toby saved his owner from choking. After an apple became lodged in the woman’s throat and a self-applied Heimlich maneuver failed, the dog jumped up and pushed her to the ground, repeatedly jumping on her chest until the apple was freed.


  • [Badass fact 5] Hitler predicted the Cold War. "there will remain in the world only two Great Powers capable of confronting each other the United States and Soviet Russia."


  • [Badass fact 6] The first American soldier to land on the beach during the invasion of Normandy was Leonard “Max” Schroeder. Though he was shot twice, he not only survived but lived to be 90 years old.


  • [Badass fact 7] A Labrador Retriever service dog named Endal once pulled his disabled owner into a recovery position after he was struck unconscious and then covered him with a blanket. He retrieved his mobile and pushed it against his, and only left him to fetch help once he had regained consciousness.


  • [Badass fact 8] Real-life vigilante crime fighters exist in Seattle under the name "Rain City Superhero Movement."


  • [Badass fact 9] Hitler's mustache style was popularly known as Rotzbremse, meaning 'snot brake'.


  • [Badass fact 10] During WW2 Winston Churchill formed Special Operations Executive. This secret military unit was stationed at Baker Street and it consisted of Christopher Lee, James Bond-creator, Ian Fleming as well as members who became his inspirations for M, Q, Miss Moneypenny, and Vesper Lynd. If there was a bridge that needed to be destroyed or an Axis officer who needed seducing, they were on it. They also prevented Nazis from building an atomic bomb.


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