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  • [Cartoons fact 1] The Simpsons is not the longest running cartoon series of all time. The Guinness World record is held by Sazae-san, with more than 7000 episodes, which has been running since 1969 in Japan.


  • [Cartoons fact 2] Caillou is bald because the original books portray him as a baby. When the time came to make him a 4-year-old, it was found that adding hair made him unrecognizable. So he stayed bald.


  • [Cartoons fact 3] After South Park’s ‘Cartoon Wars: Part 1’ aired, the team received an appraising phone call from the ‘King of the Hill’ staff and flowers from the ‘the Simpson’s’ staff for “ripping on Family Guy”.


  • [Cartoons fact 4] Charles Schulz always disliked the title of Peanuts, which was given to his comic strip by the syndicate. In a 1987 interview, Schulz said of it: “It’s totally ridiculous, has no meaning, is simply confusing, and has no dignity—and I think my humor has dignity.”


  • [Cartoons fact 5] According to the Monsters, Inc. DVD commentary track, the sushi restaurant was originally blown up by the CDA. After the events of September 11, Pixar changed the scene to show the restaurant covered in a plasma-dome. They managed to pull this off in time for the November 2 release date.


  • [Cartoons fact 6] When the band Judas Priest appeared on The Simpsons, they were mistakenly defined as "death metal". The producers decided to apologize for the mistake by having Bart Simpson write "Judas Priest is not 'Death Metal'" in the opening sequence chalkboard gag.


  • [Cartoons fact 7] Politician Boss Tweed was brought down by Thomas Nast's cartoons, which painted him as the embodiment of corruption. Tweed said to aides, “Let's stop them damned pictures. I don't care so much what the papers write about—my constituents can't read—but damn it, they can see pictures.”


  • [Cartoons fact 8] There was a 1990s Yogi Bear revival called "Yo Yogi!" where the characters solved mysteries and hung out at Jellystone Mall. Magilla Gorilla once appeared as a parody of Vanilla Ice.


  • [Cartoons fact 9] After South Park aired the episode Chef Aid, the term 'Chewbacca Defense' entered the legal lexicon. The legal strategy aims to deliberately confuse juries than refute cases. The practice was widely used by lawyers before the episode, but South Park gave it a term.


  • [Cartoons fact 10] Snoop Dogg’s real name is Cordozar Calvin Broadus Jr. His “Snoop Dogg” nickname came from his mother who thought he looked like Snoopy from the Peanuts.


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