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  • [Cartoons fact 1] Jonah Hill created an animated series (Allen Gregory ) in 2011. It lasted seven episodes before being canceled by FOX and is considered one of the worst animated shows to ever air on television.


  • [Cartoons fact 2] Steve Gerber, the creator of Howard the Duck lost the rights to Marvel but took him back in spirit by convincing Marvel to do a crossover with a new character of his and added a scene where Howard gets cloned and the real one leaves and changes his name to Leonard while a clone stays behind.


  • [Cartoons fact 3] Cartoon character Betty Boop was a complete visual and vocal copy of singer/actress Helen Kane, AKA the "Boop Boop a Doop girl." Kane sued over theft of her image but lost when it was discovered she had copied her own act from a Harlem jazz singer, Baby Esther.


  • [Cartoons fact 4] On Pinky and the Brain, Brain once let Pinky plan a world domination scheme. During that episode, Pinky became an owner of an Oyster Petting Zoo, the mayor of a small town, the CEO of the largest news empire in the world, and eventually the Chairman of the Federal Reserve.


  • [Cartoons fact 5] Rugrats: Have you ever wondered just how only Angelica can talk to the babies? Well, according to this theory, the babies are a figment of her imagination. She is spoilt, sad and lonely because her mother is constantly working and has no time for her. Her relationship with her dad is superficial and unsubstantial, no real love is ever shown to her. So how did it come about that Angelica would have to imagine these babies? Tommy died soon after childbirth, a fact reflected by Stu never leaving the basement, inventing toys that his son will never play with. Chuckie died in the car crash along with his mum, also reflected in the actions of his father; the crash has made him a pathetic nervous wreck most of the time. Most interesting is Phil and Lil. There never were any twins. There was just one baby. However, this baby was stillborn, and Angelica never knew the sex of the still born, so she invented twins of different genders. Sadly, Angelica never uses her imaginary friends to comfort or entertain her, instead, she is mean and nasty to them. She has invented this relationship with these babies so she can vent her frustrations of being a spoilt, lonely brat who has seen much hardship from these unfortunate parents; frustrations that can't be satisfied by a typical childhood relationship with a doll, albeit a Cynthia one.


  • [Cartoons fact 6] While animating Ratatoullie, a Pixar employee jumped into a pool while wearing a chef's outfit and hat to determine how it would cling to a character's body and what parts would become translucent.


  • [Cartoons fact 7] “Hey Arnold” originally started out as a series of claymation shorts on Sesame Street.


  • [Cartoons fact 8] When the University of Sheffield polled 250 children, all 250 reported that they disliked clowns as hospital decor.


  • [Cartoons fact 9] Billy West, who does the voice of Philip J. Fry's on Futurama among other characters, intentionally made Fry's voice close to his natural voice as a job security measure because it would be more difficult to replace him.


  • [Cartoons fact 10] Homer Simpson was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame for the episode 'Homer at the Bat.'


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