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  • [Corporation fact 1] Someone, probably not the founder, Mark Hughes, figured out that ephedrine was an amazing drug. It was legal in the 80s, found in a Chinese plant called Ma Huang. It is a stimulant. He himself, and friends found that it was a really potent aid in weight loss, helped give a strong perception of energy boost and vitality. You could say that it is a chemical analog of amphetamine. So, he had this great product, Green Herbalife, and he was selling it out of the trunk of his car. It really worked. The customers were actually becoming very big fans of the product. Some would even say that they were addicted to it. Mark didn't want to hire salesmen, so he offered a partnership buy-in scheme. The customers who loved the product were some of his best customer, spreading the word and demanding more and more ephedrine. At some point, recruiting sales help become just as profitable as selling the drug itself.


  • [Corporation fact 2] The diamond engagement ring fever was invented by an ad campaign in the 1930s. Before that few Americans proposed with the precious stone, and the price of diamond was falling.


  • [Corporation fact 3] In 1982, AT&T, which had complete control of the telephone service in the US, broke up into 7 companies due to an antitrust case. Now, 4 of those companies once again belong to AT&T, 2 to Verizon, and the last to CenturyLink.


  • [Corporation fact 4] Mike Jeffries, the former CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch went on record as saying he does not want fat or unattractive people wearing his clothes or employed at his company.


  • [Corporation fact 5] Despite Mac and Dick McDonald having already franchised 6 restaurants before meeting Ray Kroc, Ray considers himself the founder. He even falsely claims in his autobiography that his franchise was the first McDonald’s ever opened.


  • [Corporation fact 6] After James Gunn announced Marvel’s legal team wouldn’t let him use the Sneepers species in Guardians of Galaxy Vol. 2, fans began to protest the decision on the internet en masse. This led Marvel to admit that it wasn’t that big of a deal, with Gunn stating to “keep an eye out for at least one Sneeper” in the sequel.


  • [Corporation fact 7] In January 2012, 150 employees of Foxconn, a Taiwanese technology company and contract manufacturer for products including the iPhone, iPad and Playstation 4, threatened to commit mass suicide in protest of their working conditions.


  • [Corporation fact 8] There is a company named Creative Home Engineering that specializes in making hidden rooms for your home. One requires a chess board played in a certain combination to unlock.


  • [Corporation fact 9] The Environmental Protection Agency was founded as a response to an overly polluted river (Cuyahoga River) catching fire in 1969.


  • [Corporation fact 10] In 1971, FedEx got down to the last $5,000, which wasn't enough to refuel the planes to make that weekend’s deliveries. With impending bankruptcy and no other options, CEO Fred Smith literally took all of it to Vegas, got lucky, and turned it into enough money to refuel, finish the shipments, and save the company.


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