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  • [Crime fact 1] After the Salem Witch Trials, the town realized that they had made a mistake and compensated the families of the people they had convicted. More than 200 people had been accused of witchcraft, and 20 of them had been executed.


  • [Crime fact 2] In 2016, a Kansas man named Lawrence John Ripple robbed a bank and then waited in the lobby, later telling the investigators he'd rather be in jail than with his wife.


  • [Crime fact 3] In 2018, a man plotted to plant small bombs in Target stores disguised in food packages. His goal was to create bad publicity for Target, which would lower stock prices and allow him to buy cheap shares before they rebounded. He was caught after paying someone else to plant the bombs.


  • [Crime fact 4] One of the most repugnant characters the Nazis empowered was a sadistic necrophiliac and child molester named Oskar Dirlewanger. He would inject strychnine into young Jewish female prisoners, previously undressed and whipped, to watch them convulse to death in front of him and his friends for entertainment. He was so sadistic that other SS units avoided interacting with him.


  • [Crime fact 5] Kenneth McDuff, a Texas serial killer who was on death row, was then paroled, committed more murders and then finally executed. He caused an overhaul of the Texas Justice system including harsher paroles, more prisons and a rise in executions.


  • [Crime fact 6] Vidkun Quisling, who was the Norwegian prime minister during the Nazi occupation, was sentenced to death 2 years after he introduced the death sentence to the country.


  • [Crime fact 7] The main accusers of The Salem Witch Trials were a group of girls and young women from Salem Village who are often referred to as the “afflicted girls” because they claimed that witches were afflicting them by attacking them and making them ill.


  • [Crime fact 8] In August 2016, a defendant named John Hennigan in the UK called a judge a "bit of a c*nt" and the judge replied with "you're a bit of a c*nt yourself".


  • [Crime fact 9] A 12-year-old boy named Alam Khan saw his own father being murdered by a family friend. He wanted to avenge his father’s death and planned for 12 years before killing the alleged murderer in a revenge attack. He cut him into 12 pieces, one each for the years he had to wait.


  • [Crime fact 10] In 2008, a bank robber successfully used a Craigslist help-wanted ad for construction workers, specifying their uniform, to create unwitting decoys around a bank in Washington that he robbed in matching the uniform. His “getaway vehicle” was an inner tube.


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