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  • [Death fact 1] He died of brain edema caused by allegic reaction to a painkiller in Hong Kong at the age of 32.


  • [Death fact 2] Duane Webber is an interesting part of the whole DB Cooper case. On his deathbed, he confessed to his wife “I am Dan Cooper.” The media reported his name as DB Cooper mistakenly. The hijacker, on the note he passed to the stewardess, identified himself as Dan Cooper.


  • [Death fact 3] Some Holocaust survivors died within their first week of freedom due to overeating chocolates and sweets given to them by liberating soldiers.


  • [Death fact 4] Nikola Tesla's words were the only negative ones in the special edition of the New York Times on Edison's life, published the day after he died.


  • [Death fact 5] Once the Queen bee is deemed to be unfit to serve due to old age or disease, worker bees cluster tightly around her body until she dies from overheating. This process is known as "cuddle death."


  • [Death fact 6] Albert Einstein was still working on his Theory of Everything while laying on his deathbed, in the last hours of his life, while fading in and out of consciousness.


  • [Death fact 7] Mark Twain predicted his own death in 1909, "I came in with Halley's Comet in 1835. It is coming again next year, and I expect to go out with it." He died in 1910, a day after the comet returned.


  • [Death fact 8] In the Yellow River in China, there are so many corpses to be found that it is lucrative to recover them and sell the bodies back to the families of the deceased for 500$.


  • [Death fact 9] A famine in Ethiopia from 1983-1985 killed around 400,000-1,000,000 people and that 56,000 tons of food donated by aid efforts from the West through Live Aid was left to rot in a port by the Ethiopian government.


  • [Death fact 10] Burying the dead has been illegal in San Francisco since 1901. Because space was limited and real estate at a premium even back then, the city outlawed burials and moved all cemeteries to neighbor Colma, California.


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