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  • [Disease fact 1] In 1950 the U.S. NAVY sprayed a cloud of bacteria over San Francisco in a biological warfare experiment under “Operation Sea-Spray”, just to see what happened. 11 patients at a local hospital developed very rare, serious infections and it led to the death of 1 patient. Cases of pneumonia also increased in San Francisco after the experiment.


  • [Disease fact 2] In 2015, Cornell University ran a simulation of an imaginary Zombie outbreak and found that most of the US population would turn into Zombies within one week from the appearance of the first case, but some remotes areas in Montana and Nevada could remain infection-free for up to one month.


  • [Disease fact 3] Dogs can get “Limber Tail,” sore tail muscles from working out too hard, often resulting from swimming, and can cause the dog to have such a sore tail that touching the tail may result in the dog crying and the tail may not wag for days.


  • [Disease fact 4] There is a Catholic Saint of Beer named Saint Arnold of Soissons who saved the lives of many by urging them to drink beer rather than water which he believed was spreading the plague. Boiling during the brewing process killed the pathogens.


  • [Disease fact 5] Tutankhamun's mummy contains the oldest known genetic proof of malaria.


  • [Disease fact 6] In China, 300 million people suffer from bacterial diarrhea every year from drinking contaminated water. 40% of the rivers in China do not meet safety standards and 20% of them are so polluted that they aren’t even safe to touch.


  • [Disease fact 7] After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, which killed 200,000 people, UN peacekeepers from Nepal were sent to the country. Sadly, the peacekeepers brought cholera with them leading to a massive outbreak that infected 800,000 people and killing at least 9000 people.


  • [Disease fact 8] 8 of the 14 vaccines that are routinely recommended today were developed by an American microbiologist named Maurice Hilleman.


  • [Disease fact 9] Piblokto is a culture-bound Greenlandic syndrome in which sufferers withdraw into a dissociative state during which time they may commit dangerous acts, and recover with no memory of the occurrence. It is more likely to affect Inuit women and happens largely during winter.


  • [Disease fact 10] In 1687, a French composer named Jean-Baptiste Lully died from gangrene having struck his conducting stick on his foot during a rehearsal of a piece he would play for king Louis XIV's remission. He refused to have his leg amputated so he could still dance. Gangrene then spread through his whole body.


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