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  • [Disease fact 1] Heart cancer is not as common as other kinds of cancer because heart cells do not often undergo cell division, which reduces the chances of mutations that might ultimately lead to cancer.


  • [Disease fact 2] You were more likely to get a job if you had smallpox scars in the 18th century. The scars proved that you already had smallpox and could not pass it on to your employers.


  • [Disease fact 3] Urinary tract infections can cause dementia symptoms in the elderly with none of the usual UTI symptoms.


  • [Disease fact 4] The Moscow plague riot of 1771 was caused by an outbreak of bubonic plague. The city’s economy was mostly paralyzed because industries had been closed down. All of this was followed by acute food shortages, leading to huge crowds rioting, and demands for the elimination of quarantines.


  • [Disease fact 5] There is a disorder called Pure Word Deafness in which those affected are unable to comprehend spoken language while reading, writing, and speech are preserved. They can recognize non-verbal sounds, just not speech in the auditory modality.


  • [Disease fact 6] The scars that mark Nigerian born singer Seal have long been rumored to be anything from the result of a tribal scarification rite to self-mutilation. The truth was revealed by Seal himself in a Rolling Stone interview. Seal told how as a child, he suffered from Discoid Lupus Erythematosus (DLE), a serious skin disease which causes inflammation, lesions, scarring, and permanent hair loss. After years of treatment and surgery, Seal’s condition is now in remission and he has learned to love his scars.


  • [Disease fact 7] The first major outbreak of HIV in the US began in 1970-71 in New York City, a decade before AIDS was first identified, and was spread from a Caribbean outbreak in the 60s. From New York City, a single case from around 1976 then started the outbreak in San Francisco.


  • [Disease fact 8] Like Smallpox, Polio is on its way out with only 22 cases worldwide in 2017.


  • [Disease fact 9] During World War 1, French prostitutes with severe cases of syphilis charged higher rates than uninfected prostitutes, because soldiers infected with syphilis were removed from the front line.


  • [Disease fact 10] During the Holocaust, Polish doctors Eugene Lazowski and Stanisław Matulewicz saved 8,000 Jews by creating a fake Typhus epidemic. The Germans quarantined the area instead of risking outbreaks by sending them to concentration camps.


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