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  • [Fashion fact 1] Bell-bottomed pants originated as part of the uniform for the U.S. Navy. The reason they were “belled” all the way up was to allow the wearer to easily remove them in case they ended up in the sea, to use them as a flotation device.


  • [Fashion fact 2] The designer for Starlight's new costume's look is based on the character of the costume designer Edna from The Incredibles.


  • [Fashion fact 3] Dwayne Johnson's first WWF persona was Rocky Maivia (good guy). The audience rejected him due to his cheesy character, with chants of “Die, Rocky, die!”. After this, he became a heel (villain), referring to himself in the third person as “The Rock” and insulting the audience.


  • [Fashion fact 4] A man named Joseph Palmer was attacked for having a beard in 1830, then imprisoned for defending himself. He died in 1873, by which time beards were fashionable. His tombstone reads, "Persecuted for wearing the beard."


  • [Fashion fact 5] In Friends S08E17 “The One With The Tea Leaves”, Ross’ T-Shirt has an image on it which means “Friends” in sign language.


  • [Fashion fact 6] Vanity sizing is the practice of assigning smaller sizes to clothing to flatter customers and encourage sales. For example, a Sears dress with a 32 inch (81 cm) bust was labeled a size 14 in the 1930s, a size 8 in the 1960s, and a size 0 in the 2010s.


  • [Fashion fact 7] Earmuffs were invented by a 15-year-old.


  • [Fashion fact 8] The Can-Can was a particularly scandalous dance in the 19th century because women wore pantalettes, which had an open crotch, and the high kicks were intentionally revealing.


  • [Fashion fact 9] Maria Lewis was a 17-year-old emancipated slave who disguised herself as a white guy and fought in a Union cavalry unit for over two years.


  • [Fashion fact 10] Abercrombie & Fitch offered $10,000 to cast members of "The Jersey Shore" if they'd agree to stop wearing the brand on the show.


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