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  • [Food fact 1] Nutella has very few hazelnuts and is actually 58% sugar and is 32% fat, most of which is palm oil.


  • [Food fact 2] The Turks call their coffee houses “schools for the wise.”


  • [Food fact 3] The cheese used by major pizza companies (Dominoes, Papa Johns, Pizza Hut) is monopolized by a single cheese company, Leprino Foods, which has control over 85% of the pizza cheese market.


  • [Food fact 4] Peng Fan, a Chinese chef, died after a severed cobra head bit him while he was chopping its body to make soup.


  • [Food fact 5] A hacker group known as UGNAZI once crashed Papa John's website because the company failed to deliver a pizza on time.


  • [Food fact 6] A Spanish scientist has created an ice cream that changes color as you eat it and intends to name it Xamaleón (similar to chameleon).


  • [Food fact 7] People in the USA are concerned about overseas sweatshops, but they don’t know anything about domestic farming operations. Every single Jalapeño, Blackberries, etc. are hand-picked. This is literally back-breaking work. Farm workers are hunched over for hours. Every day hundreds of farm workers are injured in work-related accidents. Injuries in the sector are 20 percent higher than the private industry. The Justice Department has prosecuted seven cases of slavery since 1997, liberating over 1,000 farm workers from forced labor. Just 2% of farm workers belong to unions. Roughly half of U.S. farm workers are undocumented immigrants. Family income for 30% of all farm laborers falls below the federal poverty line.


  • [Food fact 8] Blue Smarties were not removed from circulation for making kids hyper, but instead because when Nestle was replacing artificial dyes with natural ones, no natural dye could be found which would make smarties blue


  • [Food fact 9] To produce enough beans to make one cup of coffee requires 37 gallons of water. By comparison, an apple takes 19 gallons, a banana 27, and a pair of leather shoes 4,400 gallons.


  • [Food fact 10] While Franklin D. Roosevelt was president, the White House served notoriously terrible meals. First Lady Eleanor wanted to set an example for the country during the Depression by serving economical meals made from scraps.


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