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  • [Games fact 1] On December 6, 2012, Journey became the first video game in history to be nominated for a Grammy Award.


  • [Games fact 2] Abraham Lincoln was challenged to a duel in 1842. As the challenged party, he would have the right to select the weapons used. He accepted the challenge and chose broadswords "of the largest size" in order to take advantage of his superior reach.


  • [Games fact 3] The urban legend of Atari burying hundreds of thousands of ET cartridges in a New Mexico landfill actually happened. An excavation found them in 2014.


  • [Games fact 4] Harvard's first black faculty member was a dentist named Dr. George Franklin Grant. He joined the Department of mechanical dentistry in 1871. Also as an inventor, he patented the wooden golf tee. Previously, golfers carried around buckets of sand, placing their balls on little piles as they went.


  • [Games fact 5] Lack of personal hygiene and body smell is such an issue at Super Smash Bros tournaments that some tournaments now disqualify players not keeping up with hygiene and even resorted to passing out deodorant.


  • [Games fact 6] The PlayStation 2 only had 32MB of RAM.


  • [Games fact 7] Young Greek hoplites (citizen soldiers) had to dress in heavy armor and run a foot race of 1,300 ft in the Olympics. This was done to develop the battlefield tactic of rushing to the Persian lines in rapid pace so as to counter their archers.


  • [Games fact 8] NBA player Kris Humphries was once a better swimmer than Michael Phelps.


  • [Games fact 9] The Nintendo character Kirby was named after John Kirby, the legal counsel for Nintendo who helped them win their lawsuit with Universal Studios in 1982. John Kirby was gifted a sailboat Christened the “Donkey Kong” and given exclusive rights to name any boat he owned “Donkey Kong.”


  • [Games fact 10] Barbie has parents, 8 siblings (2 of which are now discontinued), and chose never to have children.


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