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  • [Games fact 1] The Lion King Game (SEGA/SNES) was made extremely difficult on purpose. Disney told the developers to make the game so difficult that people wouldn't be able to beat it during a rental period at Blockbuster. A few developers would later apologize to fans for how hard the game is.


  • [Games fact 2] There is data that suggests that the more 3 Pointers an NBA player takes, the more likely he is to go broke.


  • [Games fact 3] It is rumored that Minnesota Vikings are supposedly "cursed" for losing the NFL Championship trophy by the spirit of Ed Thorp.


  • [Games fact 4] A young Tina Fey provided voices for a pinball machine called Medieval Madness in 1997 as two princesses. The dialogue for the game was written by her future 30 Rock co-star Scott Adsit.


  • [Games fact 5] The popular MMO EVE Online hired an economist to oversee the in-game money. Besides writing internal reports, he occasionally intervenes to prevent inflation and unintended market consequences. EVE has about 500,000 users who partake in the game's hyper-libertarian online economy.


  • [Games fact 6] Australian serial killer Ivan Milat lost 25kg from a failed hunger strike in prison when he was denied a PlayStation.


  • [Games fact 7] Within five years of retirement, an estimated 60% of former NBA players are financially broke.


  • [Games fact 8] MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) was an event at the ancient Olympics. It was called Pankration and is the only event that hasn't been reinstated with the creation of the modern Olympics.


  • [Games fact 9] There is a Monopoly board game worth $2,000,000. Its pieces are made out of 23-carat gold; and rubies and sapphires are attached to the chimneys of houses/hotels.


  • [Games fact 10] The original NBA Jam arcade game generated revenue of over $1 Billion in quarters in its first year.


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