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  • [History fact 1] During the Golden Age of Piracy, women sometimes became pirates by disguising themselves as men in an effort to take advantage of freedom and rights that only men could enjoy. Anne and Mary were two famous female pirates of that time who fell in love with each other’s disguised manly appearance.


  • [History fact 2] Sumer was an ancient civilization founded in the Mesopotamia region of the Fertile Crescent situated between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. A Sumerian priest named Berossus recorded how an amphibian, named Oannes, emerged from the Persian Gulf and taught the Sumerians numbers, medicine, astronomy, politics, ethics and law, encompassing all the necessities for civilized existence. He said that before his intervention, the Sumerians ‘lived like beasts in the field, with no order or rule.’


  • [History fact 3] Ancient Greek astronomer Eratosthenes of Cyrene proved that the earth was round in 240 B.C. He also came up with latitudes/longitudes. He was also able to calculate earth’s circumference that was accurate to within 2%.


  • [History fact 4] During World War 2, British newspapers falsely claimed that the Germans rendered down soldiers’ corpses to make soap, candles, and nitroglycerin. As a result, when the news of the Holocaust reached Britain during World War 2, the government assumed it was another made-up atrocity story.


  • [History fact 5] Tsutomu Yamaguchi was in Hiroshima for work when the first A-bomb hit, made it home to Nagasaki for the second, and lived to be 93.


  • [History fact 6] Goldfishes were originally silver. They were bred by the imperial family of Song Dynasty in ancient China until they became yellow because they really liked yellow.


  • [History fact 7] When the Monopoly game was introduced to communist Czechoslovakia, private businesses were illegal and mortgages didn’t exist, so they turned it into a horse racing variant.


  • [History fact 8] The Man Catcher was one of the few examples of non-lethal medieval weapons. It was used primarily to pull a person from horseback and drag them to the ground, but it was also used to capture opponents for ransom and to trap and contain violent prisoners.


  • [History fact 9] People in the past were legally able to purchase methamphetamines. Norodin was a brand name drug that was marketed towards ladies who wanted to lose weight. PanAm flights in the 1940s used to provide Benzedrine inhaler along with a large scotch and chicken for dinner. Meth moved from control by pharmacists to local drug kingpins after a slew of high profile criminal cases all over the world pointed to abuse of these narcotics as a contributing factor.


  • [History fact 10] For one day in 1940, a section of a hospital in Ottawa, Canada became international territory so a Dutch Princess (Princess Margriet of the Netherlands) could be born a full Dutch citizen (a requirement to be a Dutch Princess). Every year the Netherlands sends Canada a gift of tulips to show their gratitude.


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