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  • [Humanbody fact 1] In 2006, a Washington woman filed for public assistance and was taken to court because 4 different maternity tests claimed she was not the true mother of her children. Turns out she had absorbed her twin in the womb and her reproductive organs have different DNA than the rest of her body!


  • [Humanbody fact 2] Cells in the human body can only proliferate (divide) a certain number of times in a lifetime. This is called the Hayflick Limit. Every time your cells divide they lose a bit of DNA. Eventually, as you age you start losing useful bits of DNA. Human cells can divide about 50ish times before they hit the Hayflick Limit. Being hard on your body basically boils down to killing off your cells and forcing them to divide to replace themselves, accelerating their aging. For example, if you are a boxer and take a lot of punches to your kidneys, you’ll force your kidneys to repair the damage via cellular division, and those are a finite resource. When people start breaking down of old age what basically happens is the number of cells that can continue to go through healthy divisions starts becoming scarce, so organs have a hard time maintaining themselves.


  • [Humanbody fact 3] David Parker Ray set up a sex dungeon and kidnapped women to be basically living sex dolls for himself and his wife and occasionally, his own dogs. Then he washed them up, brainwashed them with a combination of drugs to induce hypnosis and make sure they don't remember anything and let them loose. One of the women he kidnapped had it in her mind that her experiences were just nightmares until the FBI came knocking on her door. That in and of itself sounds super disturbing until you read the transcript of the tape he made for his victims. (Warning: Source below is extremely disturbing. Do not click at work or in public)


  • [Humanbody fact 4] The hormone, oxytocin, which triggers feelings of unconditional love and protection, is released when parents and children look into each other’s eyes or embrace. This spike is seen in both human and canine brains. We love our pets in the same way as family members, and dogs return this devoted affection.


  • [Humanbody fact 5] The Artificial Virginity Hymen kit was developed in Japan and sold by a Chinese manufacturer in many countries. It contained a red dye that mimicked blood when the product was broken. It was banned in 2009 by lawmakers in Egypt over fears that newlywed women would use the product to fake their virginity.


  • [Humanbody fact 6] Rick Allen, the drummer for Def Leppard, lost his arm after a car accident in 1984. He thought he could never play in the band again and became very depressed until a fellow drummer helped him design an electronic drum kit that could be played with one arm. He returned to the band in 1986.


  • [Humanbody fact 7] One man’s gene from 4000-6000 years ago contributes to approximately 50% of the male population in 11 European countries.


  • [Humanbody fact 8] A woman in Mexico named Ines Ramirez performed a C-section on herself after hours of painful contractions. Fearing that her baby would be stillborn, she drank 2 cups of high-proof alcohol and used a kitchen knife to make the incision. Both the mother and the baby survived.


  • [Humanbody fact 9] Traumatic experiences can make the body and brain age faster. Stress leads to higher cortisol which leads to physical aging. This process is so strong that children who experience high levels of stress like violence or trauma in infanthood/early childhood statistically start puberty earlier than their non-traumatized counterparts. One theory posits that early puberty/aging allows for increased survival in traumatic environments. It grants not just sexual maturity but increased bone density, muscle mass, etc. which basically allows you to become an adult faster to survive.


  • [Humanbody fact 10] When Steve Jobs was dying and in need of a liver transplant from someone with the same, rare blood type, Tim Cook got his blood tested, found out he was a match and offered part of his liver. Steve refused.


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