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  • [Language fact 1] When considering what to name Idaho, a man named George M. Willing suggested Idaho claiming it was an indigenous word meaning “Gem of the Mountains.” The name stuck. Afterward, it came out that it wasn't an indigenous word and George Willing had made it up.


  • [Language fact 2] The word "Gasoline" does not originate from the word gas. It comes from the word "Cazeline", after John Cassell, who first commercially sold the stuff.


  • [Language fact 3] The word “assassin” derives from “hashish”, referring to Nizari Ismailis, who operated out of Lebanon. They were a medieval sect of fanatical Muslims who only answered to a leader known as the “Old Man of the Mountains.” They had a penchant for covertly murdering many leaders of opposing forces after consuming large quantities of hashish. Hashishin (or “pot addict”) was a derogatory term applied to this sect by their enemies, as marijuana is outlawed under Islam.


  • [Language fact 4] During World War 1, 'f*cking’ and ‘bloody’ were used as palliatives, so that the order to ‘get your f*cking rifles’ was recognised as considerably less urgent than the order to ‘get your rifles.’


  • [Language fact 5] An Escher sentence is a comparative sentence that seems to make sense but doesn't on closer inspection. For example, “more people have been to Russia than I have.”


  • [Language fact 6] Around 1000 of the world's approximately 5,000 languages are spoken solely in New Guinea.


  • [Language fact 7] There are only 6 people left on the planet who can still ‘speak’ the whistled language known as sfyria.


  • [Language fact 8] A 1992 Japanese TV show combined English lessons with gymnastic exercise programs. On the show, three gymnasts would perform synchronized exercises while chanting phrases like, "Hasta la vista, baby," "Spare me my life!", "I was robbed by two men!", and "I have a bad case of diarrhea."


  • [Language fact 9] The idiom "drinking the Kool-Aid" comes from the 1978 Jonestown mass suicide, where over 900 people (almost 300 of which were children) deliberately or forcibly drank a powdered soft drink flavoring agent (Flavor Aid) mixed with cyanide.


  • [Language fact 10] The phrase 'duck', used in cricket to mean a score of zero, is short for 'duck's egg', referring to the shape of the number. 'Goose-egg' is prevalent in U.S English while the French equivalent 'l'oeuf' (egg) is the origin of 'love', meaning zero in tennis.


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