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  • [Language fact 1] A Stanford psych study showed that unnecessarily using big words actually makes you sound dumber.


  • [Language fact 2] 800 different languages are spoken in New York City, making it the most linguistically diverse city on Earth.


  • [Language fact 3] The word “assassin” derives from “hashish”, referring to Nizari Ismailis, who operated out of Lebanon. They were a medieval sect of fanatical Muslims who only answered to a leader known as the “Old Man of the Mountains.” They had a penchant for covertly murdering many leaders of opposing forces after consuming large quantities of hashish. Hashishin (or “pot addict”) was a derogatory term applied to this sect by their enemies, as marijuana is outlawed under Islam.


  • [Language fact 4] John Cena can speak basic Mandarin. WWE taught wrestlers basic phrases in an effort to expand into China, but Cena was fascinated by the language and learned as much as he could, even having a tutor and flashcards.


  • [Language fact 5] The movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” set a Guinness World Records record for most swearing in one film. The movie used the f-word 506 times with an average of 2.81 times per minute.


  • [Language fact 6] In the 1870s and 80’s a Polish ophthalmologist named L. L. Zamenhof created a language named Esperanto, aiming for it to be an easy to learn universal language. His goal was to promote world peace and a better worldwide understanding of each other.


  • [Language fact 7] An Escher sentence is a comparative sentence that seems to make sense but doesn't on closer inspection. For example, “more people have been to Russia than I have.”


  • [Language fact 8] The phrase “Game of Thrones” is said only once on screen, and the speaker is Cersei Lannister. “When you play the game of thrones,” she says, “you either win or you die.”


  • [Language fact 9] The Pennsylvania Dutch aren’t actually Dutch, they are German. Upon arrival, they were saying “Deutsch” which is German for, well, German. Germany in their native language is “Deutschland.” English speaking Americans just assumed they were saying “Dutch.”


  • [Language fact 10] The word "bedlam", meaning chaos, is derived from the infamous Bedlam insane asylum established in 1247. It was notorious for its brutal treatment of the mentally ill, and for allowing fee paying spectators to watch the "bedlam."


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