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  • [Media fact 1] Microsoft once sued Mike Rowe, a high school student who registered for his part-time web design project. Eventually, a settlement was reached, with Microsoft purchasing the domain in exchange for an Xbox console.


  • [Media fact 2] To protect themselves from police and male vigilantes during protests, groups of suffragettes began practicing ju-jitsu and armed themselves with clubs hidden in their dresses. They were nicknamed "Amazons" by the press.


  • [Media fact 3] The name Hotmail was chosen because it contains HTML, and was originally styled HoTMaiL.


  • [Media fact 4] Take This Lollipop was a 2011 interactive horror short film/Facebook app that requested access to your Facebook account, then used info from that account to fill in details of the film. Its goal was to underscore the dangers inherent in posting too much personal information about oneself online.


  • [Media fact 5] In 2005, Facebook hired graffiti artist David Choe to paint murals in their new office space; Choe accepted Facebook shares instead of a small cash payment of several thousand dollars, and when Facebook went public in 2012, his payment for the murals ballooned into a 200 million dollar payoff.


  • [Media fact 6] A Japanese Twitter user had his account permanently suspended for making a death threat against a mosquito.


  • [Media fact 7] Soviet composer Dmitri Shostakovich was so obsessive that he regularly sent cards to himself to test how well the postal service was working.


  • [Media fact 8] Until 1953, New York City had a pneumatic tube mail network that spanned 27 miles and connected 23 post offices. At its peak, the system moved 95,000 letters a day.


  • [Media fact 9] Travis was looking for a co-founder after coming up with the idea of Uber. He tweeted that he wants a partner and Ryan replied within a minute. Both of these guys were billionaires just 16 months after this tweet


  • [Media fact 10] In 1977, Arnold posed nude for the gay magazine After Dark.


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