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  • [Military fact 1] An Australian World War 1 general named John Monash was so good at organizing battles and overseeing the wellbeing of his troops, that during the Battle of Hamel in 1918, he managed to arrange the delivery of hot meals to troops, even up to the front line.


  • [Military fact 2] Kurt Lee, the first Chinese-American US Marine Corps officer, yelled out orders in Mandarin Chinese to confuse opposing Chinese troops during the Battle of Inchon in the Korean War.


  • [Military fact 3] In 1971, the US military kicked out the inhabitants of Diego Garcia Atoll to build a military base. Some (not all) inhabitants received only $6000 of restitution 15 years later.


  • [Military fact 4] The American Army during WWI employed champion Skeet Shooters to protect the trenches by shooting enemy grenades out of midair and deflecting them


  • [Military fact 5] German-born soldiers made up about 10% of Union forces during the Civil War. Some of them were exiled supporters of the 1848 revolutions that swept Europe. After the war, the Forty-Eighters supported improved labor laws, and also advanced development in education, medicine, and journalism.


  • [Military fact 6] MLB gives out “golden ticket” that gives free admission to the bearer to any game. It’s given to players after 8 years in the major leagues, people who have worked for a team for 25 years, and other VIPs. NASA astronauts, returning Vietnam POWs, and the 1979 hostages in Iran were all given one.


  • [Military fact 7] In the 1960s, Germany decided to retroactively pay pensions to African soldiers that served in the imperial colonial army. Claimants were handed a broom and ordered in German to perform the manual of arms. Not one of them failed the test.


  • [Military fact 8] In WW2 Russians changed their R2 rocket fuel from ethyl to methyl alcohol to prevent the problem of the launch troops drinking up the rocket fuel.


  • [Military fact 9] Several days before the invasion of Afghanistan, a CIA agent made an agreement with the military commander of the Taliban, to kill Osama Bin Laden and capture his top lieutenants. Before the plan could be carried out, the United States began its invasion.


  • [Military fact 10] Lyndall Scott Russell, a military wife who invested $315 in 15 shares of an insurance company in 1950. The insurance company became Safeco, and after 9 stock splits and dividends reinvested, her $315 investment turned into over 33000 shares making her a multimillionaire.


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