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  • [Monarch fact 1] A 19th century con woman named Eleanor Fletcher Bishop convinced everyone she was a Russian Princess and willed Houdini her fortune.


  • [Monarch fact 2] When the Duke of Edinburgh (Prince Philips) once warned the Princess (Diana) of Wales: “If you don’t behave, my girl, we’ll take your title away.” She is said to have replied: “My title is a lot older than yours, Philip.”


  • [Monarch fact 3] Before a key battle in Alexander the Great's campaign in Persia, the Persian king offered Alexander generous terms for peace. One of Alexander's generals is said to have remarked: "I would accept the terms, if I were you". Alexander responded: "So would I, if I were you". He won.


  • [Monarch fact 4] The first recorded pizza delivery was in 1889 to Queen Margherita of Savoy. Reportedly, she was tired of courtly fare and requested a local peasant meal. They delivered a white, green, and red pie to symbolize the newly unified Italy's flag. She called it "delicious" and the rest is history.


  • [Monarch fact 5] Helga de la Brache was a woman who grew up in lower-class circumstances but successfully posed as a Swedish princess for years. She even convinced the Swedish royal family who gave her a pension and “furniture befitting a princess.”


  • [Monarch fact 6] Catherine The Great, Russia's longest ruling female leader, wasn't actually Russian and her real name was Sophie Friederike Auguste von Anhalt-Zerbst-Dornburg.


  • [Monarch fact 7] At the time of World War 1, the King of Britain, Russia, and Germany were all first cousins. When asked about World War 1, Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany sarcastically remarked, "If my grandmother [Queen Victoria] had been alive, she would never have allowed it."


  • [Monarch fact 8] Charles II of Spain, the Habsburg ruler, who was the result of an uncle-niece relationship, was described by historians as “short, lame, epileptic, senile and completely bald before 35, always on the verge of death but repeatedly baffling Christendom by continuing to live.”


  • [Monarch fact 9] In 1982, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother was rushed to hospital when a fish bone became stuck in her throat, and she ended up having an operation to remove it. Being a keen fisher, she calmly joked when it was done: "The salmon have got their own back."


  • [Monarch fact 10] Frederick the Great of Prussia was gay. At one point in his life, his father had his lover beheaded and made him watch the whole execution because his father considered him to be effeminate and not manly. Frederick went on to become one of the greatest generals of all time.


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