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  • [Movies fact 1] While filming Taxi Driver, Robert De Niro asked out Cybill Shepherd but was rejected. He then refused to speak to her unless a scene from the movie required them too.


  • [Movies fact 2] The 007 DB5 Lego set took 4 to 5 months to develop, with an amazing 10-15 iterations of the ejector seat created before the design was settled into the final version with the help of slow-motion cameras. Designer Michael Psiaki joked that the only feature they couldn’t create was the oil slick.


  • [Movies fact 3] The lead role in "Edward Scissorhands" was originally offered to Tom Cruise, but he wanted a happier ending and declined. And before given to Johnny Depp - Tom Hanks, Gary Oldman, Jim Carrey, John Cusack, William Hurt, Robert Downy Jr., and Michael Jackson had all been offered and/or considered.


  • [Movies fact 4] Adriana Caselotti only made six movies, but half of those movies became all-time classics: Snow White, The Wizard of Oz, and It’s a Wonderful Life.


  • [Movies fact 5] The French spoken words in the Beyoncé’s song “Partition” are almost word-for-word taken from a conversation in the French dub version of the film “The Big Lebowski.”


  • [Movies fact 6] After realizing his voice would be dubbed, David Prowse, the actor for Darth Vader, often improvised his lines which resulted in his co-stars having to respond to the correct lines anyway. 


  • [Movies fact 7] Actor Rick Moranis was fired from the set of The Breakfast Club after he kept playing the janitor as a goofy Russian character.


  • [Movies fact 8] The disclaimer "No animals were harmed during the making of this film" can be put on movies, even if animals died during the production, as long as cameras weren't rolling at the time.


  • [Movies fact 9] William Shatner's role just before he started acting on Star Trek was in the 1966 horror movie Incubus, which was filmed entirely in the constructed language Esperanto.


  • [Movies fact 10] While filming ‘The Machinist,’ Christian Bale only ate an apple and a can of tuna each day. His goal was to weigh 100 pounds before producers stopped him.


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