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  • [Mystery fact 1] The Wall in St. Croix is a two-mile straight vertical drop off to the ocean floor. The water is shallow, warm, and perfectly clear as you start out, tiny colorful fish dart about, scattered coral formations dot the ocean floor. Not even a quarter mile from the beach is the wall. The depth is recorded from a mere 1,000 foot drop off to 2 miles straight down. The clear turquoise water shifts to a deep blue for a few feet and then solid black. You are floating directly above a black abyss.


  • [Mystery fact 2] In May 1981 the citizens of Naphlion, Greece awoke to find small green frogs falling from the sky. The Greek Meteorological Institute surmised they were picked up by a very strong wind since the frog species was native to North Africa.


  • [Mystery fact 3] On December 11, 2002, two motorists called the police reporting of a car veering off the road. A search uncovered a car concealed in dense undergrowth and the long-dead driver nearby. The man had in fact been dead for 5 months.


  • [Mystery fact 4] There is mysterious radio station in USA which has been nicknamed, “Yosemite Sam.” It only broadcasts a data burst lasting 0.8 seconds, followed by the voice of Yosemite Sam exclaiming: “Varmint, I'm a-gonna b-b-b-bloooow ya ta'smithereenies!”


  • [Mystery fact 5] Venona Project revealed that there was not a single agency of the American Government that Soviet espionage had not thoroughly infiltrated, and stole secrets concerned with national security.


  • [Mystery fact 6] The first director of CIA, Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter, stated in a letter to Congress that "high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense."


  • [Mystery fact 7] Author Joe Hill was so determined to keep it a secret that he was Stephen King's son, his own agent didn't know for 10 years.


  • [Mystery fact 8] Walt Disney had a secret apartment built in Disneyland so that he could watch the crowds in his theme park.


  • [Mystery fact 9] Costa Rica has numerous ancient stone spheres that were created in the era of the Diquis indigenous culture that flourished from 700 AD to 1530 AD. The stones are distinctive for their perfection, their number, size and density, and their placement in their original locations. Their meaning, use and means of production largely remain a mystery.


  • [Mystery fact 10] The “Ghostface" mask worn by the killers of the Scream film series was discovered in an abandoned house during location scouting for the film.


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