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  • [Mystery fact 1] When the replacement crew for Skylab 4 entered the empty space station, they found that it wasn't empty at all: 3 figures were inside. Upon further inspection, the replacement crew found out that these were dummies placed in flight suits by the previous Skylab crew before they left.


  • [Mystery fact 2] In the 40s and 50s, a man calling himself Prince Michael Romanoff, supposedly a member of the Russian royal family, ran a restaurant popular with Hollywood stars. Almost everyone knew he was a fake, but they just played along.


  • [Mystery fact 3] Georgia in the USA has a set of giant stone slabs, etched with "rules" for post-apocalyptic humanity in many different languages. It can be used to chart the sun and stars, and warns against "petty laws and useless officials". No one actually knows who funded the construction of this monument.


  • [Mystery fact 4] Scientists have recently discovered repeating radio signals coming from a mysterious source well beyond the Milky Way. While one-off fast radio bursts (FRBs) have been detected in the past, this is the first time multiple signals have been detected coming from the same place in space. They were theorized to be exploding stars but a recent observation of a sequence of these pulses from the same location essentially rules that out. One particular interesting FRB has been named FRB 121102. It is too bright to be radio-wave burps of evaporating supermassive black holes at galactic centers, and they are far too frequent to be easily explained as the echoes from energetic mergers of neutron star pairs. Similarly, gamma-ray bursts occur only about once a day, not often enough to be obviously associated with FRBs. The sources are thought to be a few hundred kilometers or less in size, as the bursts last for only a few milliseconds, and if the bursts come from cosmological distances, their sources must be very energetic, generating as much energy in a millisecond burst as the Sun does in 80 years. Some have speculated that these signals might be artificial in origin, that they may be signs of extraterrestrial intelligence.


  • [Mystery fact 5] The popular arcade game NBA Jam was thought to be haunted. During demo mode, the machines would randomly shout "Petrovic", the name of an NBA player (Dražen Petrović) who died in a car accident shortly after the game finished production.


  • [Mystery fact 6] Construction workers at the new World Trade Center site in NYC stumbled upon the hull of an 18th century Philadelphia sloop active in colonial-era Caribbean trade. Tree-ring scientists at Columbia University found that the wood used to build the ship were felled in 1773.


  • [Mystery fact 7] In 1912, a child named Bobby Dunbar disappeared at the age of 4. He was found in another state with different parents. Investigators took the child and returned him to the Dunbars. Years later, DNA testing has revealed that it was the wrong kid.


  • [Mystery fact 8] Winston Churchill reported seeing a strange airship, or UFO in Kent, England. It was sighted on October 14, 1912.


  • [Mystery fact 9] Renowned British military surgeon James Barry was a pioneer in the medical field with a career spanning over 50 years. After his death in 1865 the nurse prepping his body for burial noted female anatomy and stretch marks from pregnancy. Barry had been born a woman named Margaret Ann Bulkley.


  • [Mystery fact 10] A Filipino diver from the Badjao tribe can descend 65 feet to the sea floor and stay underwater for up to 5 minutes. Even without weights, he is negatively buoyant and can 'walk' across the bottom of the sea as if like hunting on land.


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