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  • [People fact 1] Adolf Hitler was the first European leader to ban human zoos, a popular attraction in Europe where exotic peoples were paid to be on exhibit for onlookers, with recreated habitats and shows. Belgium was the last to ban them, in 1958.


  • [People fact 2] Paul McCartney dreamed the melody of "Yesterday" one night and immediately wrote the music the next morning. He then looked around for a month to find out whether or not he plagiarized it from someone else.


  • [People fact 3] After Steve Jobs discovered a loophole that allowed a 6-month grace period before requiring a license plate on a leased car, Jobs would lease the same Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG every 6 months in order to avoid having a plate.


  • [People fact 4] The single most important factor in determining how well a telescope will perform is aperture, or the diameter of a telescope’s lens or mirror. Its aperture determines the brightness and sharpness of its images.


  • [People fact 5] In 1968, big wave surfer Eddie Aikau was selected to be the first lifeguard at Waimea beach in Oahu. Not a single person died during his time as a lifeguard and he rescued over 500 people, often braving waves that reached 30 feet (9.1 m) high or more.


  • [People fact 6] There are thousands of types of plastics; different elements are added to plastics in order to change the strength, appearance, and maneuverability of each type.


  • [People fact 7] In the 40s and 50s, a man calling himself Prince Michael Romanoff, supposedly a member of the Russian royal family, ran a restaurant popular with Hollywood stars. Almost everyone knew he was a fake, but they just played along.


  • [People fact 8] There is a subculture called G0y, whose adepts identify themselves as men who have sex with men, but not as homosexuals or bisexuals. In such relationships, men consider hugging, kissing, mutual masturbation, and fellatio as acceptable. Anal sex is forbidden as it is seen as gay.


  • [People fact 9] Bohemian Grove is a 137-year-old secret camp, that Nixon called "The faggiest goddamn thing you could ever imagine". The camp is private and only open to the rich and powerful men of the world.


  • [People fact 10] In 2003, female A-10 Thunderbolt pilot Kim Campbell was heavily lit by anti-aircraft munitions while flying over Baghdad. The plane lost all hydraulics, rolled left and pointed towards the ground, but after reverting to manual mode, she regained control, flew for an hour and landed without brakes.


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