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  • [Plants fact 1] Certain oak tree populations will synchronize to produce almost no acorns, only to rain them down excessively the following year, known as a "mast" year. The year preceding the mast year is thought to starve off the mammal populations feeding on the acorns.


  • [Plants fact 2] Rainforest canopies have their own soil that is completely distinct from the soil on the ground. This "canopy soil" forms on the tops of branches from the death of mosses and plants, and sustains a high richness of fungal species that regulate nitrogen and nutrients in the forest.


  • [Plants fact 3] The tallest cactus (Pachycerreus pringlei) ever recorded was over 6 stories tall.


  • [Plants fact 4] Pine trees scatter their needles across the forest floor to make it easier for fires to burn all of the other trees. Pine is fire resistant so it survives.


  • [Plants fact 5] There is a mushroom called “Chicken of the Woods.” It tastes like chicken to some but to others, it tastes like crab or lobster.


  • [Plants fact 6] The 5th oldest tree in the world was destroyed when a 26-year-old model set a fire to see better while she was smoking meth inside the hollow trunk. She was turned in by friends after showing them pictures of the fire and telling them "I can't believe I burned down a tree older than Jesus."


  • [Plants fact 7] Americans in Germany frequently get into trouble because they mow their lawns on Sundays and holidays, which is a punishable offense in Germany. German law forbids making excessive noise on Sundays and holidays, as well as from 10 PM to 7 AM on weekdays.


  • [Plants fact 8] When Charles Darwin was sent some flowers from a friend, he noticed that one of the flowers was extremely long and he bet some kind of moth with a really long mouth must exist to pollinate it. A few years later Morgan's sphinx moth was discovered which had a really long proboscis.


  • [Plants fact 9] 350 million years ago, there existed a species of 20-foot tall mushroom in Saudi Arabia. It was likely the largest living thing on dry land at that time.


  • [Plants fact 10] Sensimilla is a female cannabis plant that has been prevented from being fertilized and thus grows without seeds. This plant produces flowers with a higher Tetrahydrocannabinol content since it is no longer putting energy into producing seeds.


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