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  • [President fact 1] Rutherford B. Hayes is a national hero in Paraguay and even has a province named after him because he mediated the treaty that prevented Argentina and Brazil from annexing them.


  • [President fact 2] John F. Kennedy was the first and only Catholic President of the United States. Almost all of the other presidents were either Protestant, Nontrinitarian, or Unspecified.


  • [President fact 3] Mohammed Abdullahi Farmajo, who served as the Prime Minister of Somalia from 2010 to 2011 is a Somalian-American man who worked and continues to work at the Buffalo, New York Department of Transportation.


  • [President fact 4] A Chinese newspaper was convinced and cited ‘The Onion’ which named the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as the Sexiest Man Alive for 2012 without realizing it was a joke.


  • [President fact 5] Richard Johnson, the 9th Vice-President of the USA, literally owned his wife. Slave Julia Chinn was 1/8th African and was inherited by Johnson after his father's death. Interracial marriage was illegal, so Johnson kept her as his "slave."


  • [President fact 6] Former Chinese President Yang Shangkun told his doctor before his death that the crackdown on June 4 had been the Communist Party's "most serious mistake in its history, a mistake he couldn't correct but which would eventually be corrected." He had initially opposed the use of force on students.


  • [President fact 7] During the Cuban missile crisis, John F. Kennedy said: “Why does he put these in there, though? … It’s just as if we suddenly began to put a major number of MRBMs (Medium-range ballistic missile) in Turkey. Now that’d be goddamned dangerous, I would think.” His advisor immediately pointed out: “Well we did it, Mr. President.”


  • [President fact 8] Theodore and Eleanor Roosevelt, when staying in the White House, reported sightings or a presence of Abraham Lincoln's Ghost. Sightings have also been reported by Margaret Truman, Winston Churchill, and Henry Truman.


  • [President fact 9] Before he became President, Grover Cleveland had an affair with a woman which resulted in her becoming pregnant, and in order to cover up the scandal, he had her committed and her child sent to an orphanage.


  • [President fact 10] When a young girl was invited to meet President Calvin Coolidge, someone made a bet against her claiming that it was impossible for the president to say more than two words to her. When the girl told the president about the bet, President Coolidge responded, “You lose.”


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