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  • [President fact 1] If the mostly unknown 10th President of the USA-John Tyler, hadn't implemented the Monroe Doctrine, Hawaii would be a British colony today


  • [President fact 2] Teddy Roosevelt regularly staged boxing matches in the White House, taking on anyone he could - including professional boxers. He only stopped boxing when his eyesight was permanently damaged by a punch from his military aide, Colonel Daniel T. Moore.


  • [President fact 3] President Ronald Reagan revealed he wore a hearing aid in 1983, leading to greater acceptance and increased sales of the devices among seniors. At the age of 72, he said that his hearing loss dated to his early Hollywood days when a .38-caliber blank was fired close to his right ear on a film set.


  • [President fact 4] The United States has had a Vice President who was Native American. Charles Curtis served as Vice President under Herbert Hoover from 1929-33. His mother was of mixed Native heritage, and he grew up with his maternal grandparents on the Kaw Reservation in Kansas.


  • [President fact 5] Abraham Lincoln, president of the United States (15 April 1865), assuring his wife Mary that their friend Clara would not mind them holding hands, his last words were "She won't think anything about it", shortly before he was fatally shot from behind.


  • [President fact 6] Richard Nixon had the Secret Service uniform redesigned to closely resemble that of European palace guards. The "toy soldier" uniforms were universally ridiculed and only used for a few months before being mothballed. After a decade in storage, they were sold to an Iowa high school marching band.


  • [President fact 7] One reason Lyndon B. Johnson did not run for re-election was because a study he commissioned had predicted he would die at the age of 64 and thus may not make it through a 2nd term. True enough, he would die on 22 January 1973 at 64, 2 days after what would have been the end of his 2nd term.


  • [President fact 8] William Banning (father of a soldier who was killed in the Korean War) sent his son's purple heart, and an angry letter to Harry Truman, blaming him for his son's death. Both items were found in Truman's desk after he died 20 years later.


  • [President fact 9] If a wealthy person got drafted during the American Civil War, they could pay a substitute to go to war for them.


  • [President fact 10] Thomas Jefferson believed Jesus's teachings were "the most sublime and benevolent code of morals which has ever been offered to man," but that they had been appropriated by his followers, resulting in a Bible that contained both "diamonds of wisdom" and the "dung" of ancient political agendas.


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