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  • [Relationship fact 1] Before he became President, Grover Cleveland had an affair with a woman which resulted in her becoming pregnant, and in order to cover up the scandal, he had her committed and her child sent to an orphanage.


  • [Relationship fact 2] When Princess Diana was stripped of the title ''Her Royal Highness,'' a young Prince William told his mother ''Don't worry, Mummy, I will give it back to you one day when I am a king.''


  • [Relationship fact 3] Benito Mussolini drove his secret first wife (Ida Dalser) and son to early deaths in lunatic asylums because they threatened his rise to power. His henchmen then tried to erase all traces of their relationship.


  • [Relationship fact 4] When Martin Short appeared on the Today Show in 2012, one of the co-hosts commented on how Short has one of the greatest Hollywood marriages and asked: “why they were still madly in love?” Short replied because he’s “cute.” His wife had died of cancer in 2010.


  • [Relationship fact 5] Angelina Jolie took drug tests during the filming of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001) to test her mental well-being during filming, due to concerns about the rumors of drug use, and her relationship with Billy Bob Thornton.


  • [Relationship fact 6] During the Golden Age of Piracy, women sometimes became pirates by disguising themselves as men in an effort to take advantage of freedom and rights that only men could enjoy. Anne and Mary were two famous female pirates of that time who fell in love with each other’s disguised manly appearance.


  • [Relationship fact 7] In 1475, a law was passed in Turkey that made it legal for women to divorce their husband if he does not provide her with the daily quota of coffee.


  • [Relationship fact 8] Research that analyzed the birthdays of all 20 million husbands and wives in England and Wales failed to reveal any evidence of attraction or compatibility between people of particular star signs.


  • [Relationship fact 9] Draco Malfoy’s wife, Astoria, was of delicate health and it was a miracle she conceived their son, Scorpius. This led to rumors that somehow Astoria had gotten a time-turner and went back to conceive a child with the Dark Lord Voldemort himself.


  • [Relationship fact 10] The lips and trousers' bulge on Victor Noir’s statue over his grave are noticeably shiny from women kissing and rubbing them. There is a myth that the grave enhances fertility, brings a blissful sex life, or brings a husband within the year. The grave was once fenced in but people protested.


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