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  • [Sports fact 1] In 1968, NBC quit the coverage of the AFL match between the Oakland Raiders and the New York Jets in the final minute to broadcast the television film, Heidi. Oakland scored two touchdowns in that minute to win the game 43–32 in a legendary comeback.


  • [Sports fact 2] Joe Montana helped cement his nickname "Joe Cool" after calming his team down in Super Bowl XXIII by pointing out John Candy sitting in the stands.


  • [Sports fact 3] North Korea plays basketball with different rules. Slam Dunks are 3 points, Three-point “nothing but net” shots are worth 4 points and teams lose points when they miss free throws.


  • [Sports fact 4] In 2016, an indigenous Mexican woman named María Lorena Ramírez from the Tarahumara community won a 50 km ultramarathon featuring 500 runners from 12 countries while wearing a skirt and sandals made from tire rubber.


  • [Sports fact 5] Martial artist Yuki Nakai beat 2 fighters, twice his size, in a tournament after an illegal eye gouge left him blind in one eye. He developed complete blindness in one eye, yet kept it secret for years in order to protect the reputation of martial arts.


  • [Sports fact 6] In 1950, Ladislao Kubala signed for Barcelona after getting drunk on the way to join Real Madrid.


  • [Sports fact 7] Christopher McDonald, the actor who played Shooter McGavin in Happy Gilmore, says he never pays for a round of golf because of his widespread fame from that role.


  • [Sports fact 8] Professional bowling involves different, specific oil patterns on the lanes that the bowler must figure out, as it affects the performance of the ball, adding an unperceivable level of difficulty to the sport.


  • [Sports fact 9] The United States military pays professional sports teams to display patriotism. Between 2012-2014 the military spent $10.4 million on marketing contracts with teams in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and MLS, while spending $88 million sponsoring a NASCAR racer's car.


  • [Sports fact 10] The 1992 Olympics US basketball team (the "Dream Team") won all of their games by an average of 44 points. They have been called "the most dominant squad ever assembled in any sport."


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