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  • [War fact 1] Polish exiles were not only the best-performing RAF pilots in the Battle of Britain but also very successful with women; "they always have a girl on each arm. They say the girls cannot resist the Poles, nor the Poles the girls".


  • [War fact 2] Only 91 of the 3,715 animals in the Berlin Zoo survived World War 2. After the Soviet occupation of Berlin, most of these remaining animals were eaten by Red Army soldiers or simply "disappeared".


  • [War fact 3] General Ferdinand Foch (Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in World War I) said of the Treaty of Versailles "This is not a peace treaty. This is an armistice for twenty years." The Second World War began 20 years and 64 days later.


  • [War fact 4] Future President Rutherford B. Hayes quit his law practice and volunteered for service in the US Civil War in 1861 at almost 40 years old with no prior military experience. He fought at several major battles and was wounded five times.


  • [War fact 5] Edward VIII, King of the United Kingdom in 1936, was a Nazi sympathizer and later argued that bombing England could bring peace by ending World War 2.


  • [War fact 6] During the Cold War America used bears to test their ejector seats in supersonic jets.


  • [War fact 7] During the Korean War, American and Greek soldiers at Outpost Harry defended against multiple Chinese assaults of far greater numbers. At times being outnumbered 30:1, massive artillery bombardments and intense hand-to-hand fighting were daily occurrences. The Chinese failed to take the outpost.


  • [War fact 8] On December 7, 1963, 22 years after Pearl Harbor, a Japanese court ruled that the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were, in fact, war crimes, but that Japan had waived its right to pursue the matter under the terms of the Treaty of San Francisco.


  • [War fact 9] During the Christmas of 1914 (World War 1), a truce was held between Germany and the UK. They decorated their shelters, exchanged gifts across no man’s land and played a game of football between themselves.


  • [War fact 10] During times of war and other crises in Britain, men with seafaring experience would be taken against their will by press gangs to become part of the Royal Navy crew. Sometimes they were taken in the middle of the street and would find themselves trapped on a ship and with no hope of escape.


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