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  • [Weapons fact 1] Between 90-95% of meteors that approach Earth burn up in our atmosphere. The asteroid that entered Earth's atmosphere in 2013 over Russia broke 15 miles above the ground and generated a shock wave equivalent to a 500-kiloton explosion.


  • [Weapons fact 2] In 2003, a man (Rogelio Andaverde) in Texas was abducted from his home right in front of his wife by two masked men with guns. He returned two days later unharmed. Turns out he staged his own kidnapping so he could to go out and party with friends.


  • [Weapons fact 3] The Navy's stealth destroyer, the USS Zumwalt, can't fire its guns because the ammo is too expensive


  • [Weapons fact 4] George Koval, the Soviet master spy infiltrated the Manhattan project, stole nearly all of USA’s nuclear secrets, single-handedly provided the key technology for Russia's nuclear arsenal, was only discovered to be a spy in 2002.


  • [Weapons fact 5] Real guns are allowed at both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, but water guns are banned.


  • [Weapons fact 6] The Canadian Rangers are a 5,000 strong wing of the Canadian military reserves made up mostly of First Nation personnel. They provide a military presence in the most remote Canadian regions, act as guides and scouts for the Army, and until 2018 were still issued World War 2 vintage rifles.


  • [Weapons fact 7] President Franklin D. Roosevelt kept Vice President Truman in the dark about the atomic bomb's development and it was not until Roosevelt died that Truman learned of the Manhattan Project.


  • [Weapons fact 8] Only the Swiss Army Knife corkscrew tool is not made in Switzerland but in Japan. All other parts are pure Swiss made.


  • [Weapons fact 9] During World War 2, a group of prisoners at Auschwitz succeeded in blowing up one of the crematoriums using gunpowder smuggled one teaspoon at a time from the nearby munitions factory where some prisoners were forced to work.


  • [Weapons fact 10] A truck driver named John Coster-Muller nicknamed as Atomic John without a college degree has researched and published the most accurate account of the Hiroshima atomic bomb's design


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