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  • [Weapons fact 1] In 2014, a South Carolina high school student named Alex Stone was arrested and suspended and had his locker searched because of a creative writing assignment where he mentioned buying a gun to shoot his neighbor's pet dinosaur.


  • [Weapons fact 2] Arnold Schwarzenegger paid Austria to ship him the exact same tank he drove when he was a soldier. It is fully operable (minus the gun) and he uses it to support his fundraising efforts.


  • [Weapons fact 3] In World War 1, the British would fire giant stink bombs at the German trenches. The bombs smelled terrible but were harmless. This was done to compel the Germans to put on gasmasks, which made them less effective fighters, prior to an assault.


  • [Weapons fact 4] A group of women navigated canvas and plywood planes at night to drop 23,000 tons of bombs over invading German armies during World War 2. Their stealthy swooshing sounds led them to be known as the “Night Witches.”


  • [Weapons fact 5] A plastic material named Starlite is claimed by its creator has the ability to resist 75 Hiroshima bombs.


  • [Weapons fact 6] Two 6-year olds were suspended from school for playing cops and robbers and forming their fingers into an imaginary gun


  • [Weapons fact 7] Benito Mussolini, at age 10, got expelled for stabbing a classmate in the butt.


  • [Weapons fact 8] In Batman's early comics, he used guns and killed criminals


  • [Weapons fact 9] During World War 2, a bomb landed but didn't explode, inside the German Volkswagen factory. If it had exploded, the post-war Beetles that we commonly see would've never existed.


  • [Weapons fact 10] Operation Looking Glass was a 24-hour a day, continuously airborne command center capable of directing all of the United States' nuclear assets as a backup, should SAC's ground facilities be destroyed. Taking turns, the airplanes stayed continuously staffed for 29 years.


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