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  • [World fact 1] The Honey Possum is the only non-flying animal in the world to live solely on a diet of nectar and pollen. Whilst their young are born weighing only 0.005 grams, honey Possum males have the largest sperm of any mammal in the world (0.36 mm).


  • [World fact 2] In the last 5 millennia, genetic change in humans has occurred at a rate roughly 100 times higher than any other period of human evolution. Humans today are more genetically different from humans living 5,000 years ago than these people were from humans living 40,000 years ago.


  • [World fact 3] Spite Houses are impractical and often uninhabited buildings that people construct for the sole purpose of irritating their neighbors. For Example, in 1882, a house, 5 feet wide, 4 stories high and 104 feet in length was erected on Lexington Ave, New York City to “spite” the neighbor, and block his views.


  • [World fact 4] When oxygen first developed on Earth, it wiped out nearly 99% of all life.


  • [World fact 5] 358 million years ago Earth was in the Carboniferous period. During that age oxygen levels were 15% higher than today thanks to the abundance of plant life, which meant scorpions were the size of dogs, a caterpillar was the size of an anaconda and dragonflies were the size of eagles.


  • [World fact 6] In 1859, during a massive solar storm, telegraph operators in Boston, Massachusetts unplugged their batteries and were able to send messages to Portland, Maine using only the auroral current.


  • [World fact 7] Purple Earth hypothesis suggests that early life forms on Earth may have been able to generate metabolic energy from sunlight using a purple-pigmented molecule called retinal that possibly predates the evolution of chlorophyll and photosynthesis. As a consequence, early Earth’s landmass may have looked purple.


  • [World fact 8] The Chicxulub Impact, the asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs, created a mega-tsunami that was over 330 feet tall. If the impact had struck the deep ocean rather than the shallow seas, the wave would have peaked at 2.9 miles.


  • [World fact 9] Like Smallpox, Polio is on its way out with only 22 cases worldwide in 2017.


  • [World fact 10] The "town" of Monowi, Nebraska has a population of 1. Elsie Eiler, in her capacity as Mayor, grants herself a liquor license and pays taxes to herself.


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