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  • Current NBA Player 1

    Tristan Thompson

    Team: Cavaliers, Position: C-F, Number: 13

    Height: 6-9, Weight: 254

    Country: Canada

  • Current NBA Player 2

    Deni Avdija

    Team: Wizards, Position: F, Number: 8

    Height: 6-9, Weight: 210

    Country: Israel

  • Current NBA Player 3

    Trey Jemison

    Team: Grizzlies, Position: C, Number: 55

    Height: 6-10, Weight: 260

    Country: USA

  • Current NBA Player 4

    Zeke Nnaji

    Team: Nuggets, Position: F-C, Number: 22

    Height: 6-9, Weight: 240

    Country: USA

  • Current NBA Player 5

    LaMelo Ball

    Team: Hornets, Position: G, Number: 1

    Height: 6-7, Weight: 180

    Country: USA

  • Current NBA Player 6

    Mike Conley

    Team: Timberwolves, Position: G, Number: 10

    Height: 6-0, Weight: 175

    Country: USA

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About Current NBA Player Generator

If you want to select some NBA players randomly, you have come to the right place. This random NBA player generator perfectly meets your needs. According to the data on the official website of the NBA, there are 4901 all-time(historical and current active) NBA players, including 536 current NBA players, who come from 81 different countries/areas and are distributed in 43 NBA teams.

We have collected basic information about all NBA players. As shown above, you can see picture, team, position, height, weight, and countries of every NBA player, which can help you better understand NBA players.

It is very simple to use this random NBA player generator. This page displays six random NBA players by default. You can specify the team, location, country, and whether they are active to generate the designated NBA players. Whether you want to select some NBA players to follow randomly, or you want to randomly learn about some NBA players, or you just want to select some NBA players to watch the game randomly, this tool can help you very well.

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