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  • Random NFL Player 1

    Dan Arnold

    Dan Arnold

    Team: Jacksonville Jaguars(AFC South), Position: TE, Number: 85

    Height: 6' 6", Weight: 220 lbs

    College: Wisconsin-Platteville

  • Random NFL Player 2

    Clay Johnston

    Clay Johnston

    Team: Cincinnati Bengals(AFC North), Position: LB, Number: 44

    Height: 6' 1", Weight: 232 lbs

    College: Baylor

  • Random NFL Player 3

    Tyree Jackson

    Tyree Jackson

    Team: Philadelphia Eagles(NFC East), Position: TE, Number: 80

    Height: 6' 7", Weight: 249 lbs

    College: Buffalo

  • Random NFL Player 4

    Isaiah Simmons

    Isaiah Simmons

    Team: Arizona Cardinals(NFC West), Position: LB, Number: 9

    Height: 6' 4", Weight: 238 lbs

    College: Clemson

  • Random NFL Player 5

    Desmond King II

    Desmond King II

    Team: Houston Texans(AFC South), Position: CB, Number: 25

    Height: 5' 10", Weight: 200 lbs

    College: Iowa

  • Random NFL Player 6

    Rondale Moore

    Rondale Moore

    Team: Arizona Cardinals(NFC West), Position: WR, Number: 4

    Height: 5' 7", Weight: 180 lbs

    College: Purdue

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About Random NFL Player Generator

If you want to get some random NFL player lists, this random NFL player generator can help you very well.

As we all know, NFL has eight conferences, 32 teams, and 2406 members. We collected all the information from the NFL official website, including each member's name, avatar, team, number, height, weight, etc.; at the same time, we also collected 100 of the greatest NFL players in history, which can be randomly generated.

This page displays six current NFL players by default. You can use the generator at the top of the page to filter. You can specify the conference, team, and position to generate a specified number of NFL players.

This random NFL player generator can be used for many purposes. You can select some NFL players to focus on, or it can be used as a tool to learn about NFL players.

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