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  • Random sentence 1

    No muchas personas logran traspasar el velo corporativo.

      English translation: Not many people pierce the corporate veil here.

  • Random sentence 2

    El contexto corporativo y la gestión de personas.

      English translation: The corporate context and managing people.

  • Random sentence 3

    Forman parte de este sistema de derecho corporativo los Acuerdos internacionales y regionales.

      English translation: International and regional Agreements are part of this system of corporative law.

  • Random sentence 4

    Estábamos en el mismo bufete corporativo.

      English translation: We were at the same corporate firm.

  • Random sentence 5

    Obviamente, esto es un entorno corporativo.

      English translation: Obviously, this is a corporate environment.

  • Random sentence 6

    Pero no tenía ni idea de cómo adentrarme en el mundo corporativo.

      English translation: But I had no idea how to break into the corporate world.

  • Random sentence 7

    Primero veamos qué sucede cuando el sistema inmune corporativo colapsa.

      English translation: Let's first take a look at what happens when the corporate immune system collapses.

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