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  • Random sentence 1

    Usted sabe, él estaba constantemente huyendo de la ley.

      English translation: You know, he was constantly running from the law.

  • Random sentence 2

    Un hombre plantó una rosa y trabajó regándola constantemente.

      English translation: A man planted a rose and worked watering it constantly.

  • Random sentence 3

    Lentamente y constantemente levantar la sábana para mantener el nivel.

      English translation: Slowly and steadily lift the sheet up maintaining the level.

  • Random sentence 4

    Hoy solo hay un pie de construcción, no constantemente habitada.

      English translation: Today there is only one building standing, not constantly inhabited.

  • Random sentence 5

    Usted debe estar constantemente evaluando sus éxitos y fracasos.

      English translation: You must be constantly evaluating your successes and failures.

  • Random sentence 6

    Los pobladores de la región son constantemente intimidados y acosados.

      English translation: The people of the region are constantly being intimidated and harassed.

  • Random sentence 7

    El bueno podría compararse a una fuente que constantemente fluye.

      English translation: The good might be compared to a spring that constantly flows.

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