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      English translation: Paratroops were one of my favorite units from the first CoH, but now, nothing beats calling in a glider and seeing it crash land through buildings and trees.

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      English translation: Pathfinders are paratroops who are dropped into place before a major operation in order to place and operate navigational devices to assist the primary drop of paratroops .

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      English translation: We need research to see if the antibiotic that can kill mycobacterium paratuberculosis that may be the cause of Crohn's disease, will also help control ankylosing spondylitis.

  • Random sentence 4


      English translation: To investigate a fast way of diagnosing typhoid, paratyphoid and typhus with serology agglutinating method.

  • Random sentence 5


      English translation: The trial aimed at comparison of clinical effect on yellow and white scour, edema, paratyphoid, transmissible gastroenteritis, diarrhea and porcine epidemic diarrhea etc.

  • Random sentence 6


      English translation: Objective To study the antibiotic resistance and its mechanism of salmonella paratyphoid.

  • Random sentence 7


      English translation: Objective: to investigate the potential of learning vector quantization (LVQ) artificial neural network tools for discrimination and forecasting of occurrent intensity of typhoid and paratyphoid.

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