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      English translation: NOVELISTS as different as Wilbur Smith and Elmore Leonard have been inspired recently to write about the antics of the pirate-kings of Djibouti.

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      English translation: You cannot depict a saint-like Amadeus, the music prodigy, as all giggles and antics. It has to be a one-dimensional portrayal.

  • Random sentence 3


      English translation: After the talk, I would identify moths using a guide written in 1923, in silence or listening to stories of his dog's latest antics.

  • Random sentence 4


      English translation: Joe Biden's antics are certainly amusing, but they may also be useful if they prompt the President to put some much-needed distance between himself and his potential successor.

  • Random sentence 5


      English translation: If it weren't for the fact that real work gets lost, his slapstick antics might resemble a good Charlie Chaplin movie.

  • Random sentence 6


      English translation: The resignation of Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi—and his long persistence in office despite cringe-worthy antics—highlights a pattern that merits recognition.

  • Random sentence 7


      English translation: Some took the movie at face value: the zany antics of Indian college kids.

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