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  • 搜索引擎可以过滤掉那些煽动性的关键词及其组合,但是它仍然无法察觉到隐喻,讽喻,微妙的影射,讥讽,甚至是词组的非常规使用。

      English translation: Search engines that filter out combinations of provocative keywords still cannot detect metaphors, allegories, subtle allusions, satires, and even unusual turns of phrase.

  • 这种文体特征的形成与我国古代的寓言故事、讽谕诗以及民间的笑文化有明显的渊源关系。

      English translation: There is a conspicuous relationship of origin between the formation of such a style and the traditional Chinese allegories and satiric verse, and popular culture of ridicule.

  • 在本次展览中,艺术家呈现了寓言式的后遗症,是传统和个人的寓言留给21世纪的。

      English translation: In this exhibition artists present the metaphorical aftermath that traditional and personal allegories have left for 21st century man.

  • 比如说,希腊人尝试过用各种方法去解读《荷马史诗》,把《伊利亚特》或《奥德赛》解读为包含科学寓意。

      English translation: So there were all kinds of attempts to read Homer, for example, the Iliad or the Odyssey as allegories for physical science.

  • 真理可以瞥见比喻,寓言,隐喻…但我们要看到,作为个人,必须为自己找到真理。

      English translation: Truth can be glimpsed in parables, allegories, metaphors and... But to see we, as individuals, must find the truth for ourselves.

  • 他表达的寓意经常是基于那些来自于大量收集的新闻摄影中的图像。

      English translation: The allegories that he presents are often based on images from a large collection of news photographs.

  • 他们的文艺思想需要研究,他们的杂文、寓言应该得到后人珍视。

      English translation: Their literary ideology should be researched , and their scribbles and allegories should be prized by people.

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