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      English translation: Sport and films fuelled the growth of cable and satellite television in the early 1980s.

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      English translation: His art had been fuelled by the vernacular culture of the streets but it was many years since he had been able to run with the kids on the block.

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      English translation: But it may also mean that the wave of technology adoption that fuelled productivity growth between 1996 and 2008 May still have further to run.

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      English translation: Property investment has fuelled construction businesses and related industries like steel, cement, furniture and home electronics.

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      English translation: This outperformance has fuelled suspicions that some senators may be trading on tips they get from their political networks and the committees they sit on.

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      English translation: But, as its report notes, the long period of low global interest rates that lifted house prices and borrowing has also fuelled inflation.

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      English translation: Some of the hysteria about crime in South Africa is fuelled by security companies, because it’s good for (their) business.

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