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  • [Verb 1] idealize

    [Verb Forms]: [present simple I / you / we / they idealize]    [he / she / it idealizes]    [past simple idealized]    [past participle idealized]    [-ing form idealizing]    

    definition : idealize somebody/something to consider or represent somebody/something as being perfect or better than they really are


    1. It is tempting to idealize the past.
    2. an idealized view of married life
  • [Verb 2] care

    [Verb Forms]: [present simple I / you / we / they care]    [he / she / it cares]    [past simple cared]    [past participle cared]    [he / she / it caring]    

    definition 1: [intransitive, transitive] to feel that something is important and worth worrying about


    1. I don't care (= I will not be upset) if I never see him again!
    2. He threatened to fire me, as if I cared!
    3. care about something She cares deeply about environmental issues.

    definition 2: [intransitive] care (about somebody) to like or love somebody and worry about what happens to them


    1. He genuinely cares about his employees.
    2. They care an awful lot about each other.
    3. It is good to know that there is someone who cares.

    definition 3: [transitive] care to do something to make the effort to do something


    1. I've done this job more times than I care to remember.
  • [Verb 3] Europeanize

    [Verb Forms]: [present simple I / you / we / they Europeanize]    [he / she / it Europeanizes]    [past simple Europeanized]    [past participle Europeanized]    [-ing form Europeanizing]    

    definition 1: Europeanize somebody/something to make somebody/something feel or seem European


    1. a Europeanized American

    definition 2: Europeanize something to put something under the control of the European Union

  • [Verb 4] bodge

    [Verb Forms]: [present simple I / you / we / they bodge]    [he / she / it bodges]    [past simple bodged]    [past participle bodged]    [-ing form bodging]    

    definition : bodge something (up/together) to make or repair something in a way that is not as good as it should be


    1. The fence was bodged together from old planks and doors.
  • [Verb 5] separate

    [Verb Forms]: [present simple I / you / we / they separate]    [he / she / it separates]    [past simple separated]    [past participle separated]    [-ing form separating]    

    definition 1: [intransitive, transitive] to divide into different parts or groups; to divide things into different parts or groups


    1. Stir the sauce constantly so that it does not separate.
    2. separate something Separate the eggs (= separate the yolk from the white).
    3. A civil war separated the two sides.

    definition 2: [intransitive, transitive] to move apart; to make people or things move apart


    1. South America and Africa separated 200 million years ago.
    2. They are actually twins separated at birth.
    3. separate from something South America separated from Africa 200 million years ago.

    definition 3: [transitive] to be between two people, areas, countries, etc. so that they are not touching or connected


    1. separate somebody/something A thousand kilometres separates the two cities.
    2. It is not uncommon for families to be separated by great distances.
    3. separate A from/and B A high wall separated our back yard from the playing field.

    definition 4: [intransitive] to stop living together as a couple with your husband, wife or partner


    1. They separated last year.
    2. separate from somebody He separated from his wife after 20 years of marriage.

    definition 5: [transitive] separate somebody/something (from somebody/something) to make somebody/something different in some way from somebody/something else synonym divide


    1. Politics is the only thing that separates us (= that we disagree about).
    2. Her lack of religious faith separated her from the rest of her family.
    3. The judges found it impossible to separate the two contestants (= they gave them equal scores).
  • [Verb 6] fiberize

    [Verb Forms]: [fiberized]    [fiberizing]    

    definition : [transitive verb]  to make or break down into fibers

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