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  • [Verb 1] sulfonate

    [Verb Forms]: [sulfonated]    [sulfonating]    

    definition : [transitive verb]  to introduce the SO3H group into

  • [Verb 2] pre-record

    [Verb Forms]: [present simple I / you / we / they pre-record]    [he / she / it pre-records]    [past simple pre-recorded]    [past participle pre-recorded]    [-ing form pre-recording]    

    definition : pre-record something to record music, a television programme, etc. in advance, so that it can be broadcast or used later

  • [Verb 3] enserf

    [Verb Forms]: [enserfed]    [enserfing]    [enserfs]    

    definition : [transitive verb]  to make a serf of : deprive of liberty and personal rights

  • [Verb 4] get

    [Verb Forms]: [present simple I / you / we / they get]    [he / she / it gets]    [past simple got]    [past participle got]    [-ing form getting]    

    definition 1: [transitive, no passive] get something to receive something


    1. I got a call from Dave this morning.
    2. What (= What presents) did you get for your birthday?
    3. He gets (= earns) about $40 000 a year.

    definition 2: [transitive, no passive] to obtain something


    1. He has just got a new job.
    2. I'll get the money somehow.
    3. She opened the door wider to get a better look.

    definition 3: [transitive] to buy something


    1. get something Where did you get that skirt?
    2. Did you manage to get tickets for the concert?
    3. (North American English) Can I get a Coke? For example, when ordering in a cafe or restaurant. In British English, we are more likely to say: Can I have a Coke?

    definition 4: [transitive, no passive] to obtain or receive an amount of money by selling something


    1. get something If you sell it at auction you can expect to get roughly £800.
    2. get something for something How much did you get for your car?
    3. We got £420 000 for the house.
  • [Verb 5] sort

    [Verb Forms]: [present simple I / you / we / they sort]    [he / she / it sorts]    [past simple sorted]    [past participle sorted]    [-ing form sorting]    

    definition 1: to arrange things in groups or in a particular order according to their type, etc.; to separate things of one type from others


    1. sort something I started at the bottom, answering phones and sorting the mail.
    2. sort something into something The computer sorts the words into alphabetical order.
    3. Rubbish can easily be separated and sorted into plastics, glass and paper.

    definition 2: [often passive] sort something (especially British English, informal) to deal with a problem successfully or organize something/somebody properly


    1. I'm really busy—can you sort it?
    2. Everything's now been sorted.
    3. The problem with my broadband still hasn't been sorted.
  • [Verb 6] etherize

    [Verb Forms]: [etherized]    [etherizing]    

    definition 1: [transitive verb]  to treat or anesthetize with ether

    definition 2: [transitive verb]  to make numb as if by anesthetizing

New Verb Generator

About Verb Generator

If you are looking for a verb generator, you have come to the right place.

We have produced a very powerful random verb generator. We have collected more than 9000 common verbs, mainly from the Oxford dictionary. These verbs do not include verb variations, such as the past tense and the third person singular. Therefore, the verbs you use this verb generator to get are accurate and not verbose.

This verb generator is powerful because it has many ways to generate verbs. As you can see, you can enter the letter to be included, then specify the first letter and the last letter of the verb, and also set the length and number of syllables of the verb. This can help you generate almost any verb you want.

For each generated verb, you can see detailed definitions, examples, and verb forms, which can help you better understand and remember verbs.

What can this verb generator be used for?

1. As a learning tool, if you are learning words, especially verbs, this tool will be a good helper for you. By specifying conditions, you can generate verbs within a certain range, which can help you greatly improve your efficiency.

2. As an inspiration tool, Maybe you are writing a song or a novel. Maybe you should use this verb generator to expand your vocabulary, help you choose more accurate verbs, and make your work more attractive. Or, when you are lacking in inspiration, you can randomly generate some verbs for the story.

3. As a game tool; Yes, this verb generator can be used as a game tool. You can play a game of guessing verbs with your friends. You can do the corresponding actions according to the verbs, and they can guess the verbs according to your actions. It will be very interesting.

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