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China Country Calling Code: +86

  • 13013872231(mobile)

  • 09715678827

    From: Xining [city], Qinghai [province]

  • 03915363315

    From: Jiyuan [city], Henan [province]

  • 07995254808

    From: Pingxiang [city], Jiangxi [province]

  • 08568788207

    From: Tongren [city], Guizhou [province]

  • 07753875910

    From: Guigang [city], Guangxi [province]

  • 04127626539

    From: Anshan [city], Liaoning [province]

  • 05548681303

    From: Huainan [city], Anhui [province]

  • 03987717591

    From: Sanmenxia [city], Henan [province]

  • 055182336734

    From: Hefei [city], Anhui [province]

  • 03725345960

    From: Anyang [city], Henan [province]

  • 13151166866(mobile)

  • 03496269602

    From: Shuozhou [city], Shanxi [province]

  • 03178787791

    From: Cangzhou [city], Hebei [province]

  • 057385945508

    From: Jiaxing [city], Zhejiang [province]

  • 02164759544

    From: Shanghai [city], Shanghai [province]

  • 08778151521

    From: Yuxi [city], Yunnan [province]

  • 07126172275

    From: Xiaogan [city], Hubei [province]

  • 07288588998

    From: Qianjiang [city], Hubei [province]

  • 09177379510

    From: Baoji [city], Shaanxi [province]

  • 08555716772

    From: Qiandongnan [city], Guizhou [province]

  • 089826747479

    From: Danzhou [city], Hainan [province]

  • 089831245820

    From: Zhongsha [city], Hainan [province]

  • 04165813983

    From: Jinzhou [city], Liaoning [province]

  • 03923965147

    From: Hebi [city], Henan [province]

  • 13063865909(mobile)

  • 13073314447(mobile)

  • 07376268848

    From: Yiyang [city], Hunan [province]

  • 07798715820

    From: Beihai [city], Guangxi [province]

  • 05373531582

    From: Jining [city], Shandong [province]

  • 09366955237

    From: Zhangye [city], Gansu [province]

  • 08872371633

    From: Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture [city], Yunnan [province]

  • 08725537168

    From: Dali [city], Yunnan [province]

  • 13052822401(mobile)

  • 07626598978

    From: Heyuan [city], Guangdong [province]

  • 07513248505

    From: Shaoguan [city], Guangdong [province]

  • 13063721888(mobile)

  • 07433894740

    From: Xiangxi [city], Hunan [province]

  • 037162794945

    From: Zhengzhou [city], Henan [province]

  • 07352772402

    From: Chenzhou [city], Hunan [province]

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Using this tool, you can generate random phone numbers from China. Each country has its own fixed phone number rules. The length of the phone number is not the same. If you don’t count the area code, the phone number length of basically all countries is 6-8 digits. At the same time, each country has its own independent international area code, such as +1 for the United States and +44 for the United Kingdom. Country Calling Code of China is +86.

We have collected the country calling codes of 128 countries/regions around the world, and the telephone number rules of each country, so you can generate valid telephone numbers for all countries/regions according to these rules. These telephone numbers look similar really exactly the same, this can help you learn and understand the phone number rules of different countries.

Note: These numbers are randomly generated and are not real. You can't use them for making calls, receiving SMS, etc., and don't use them for illegal purposes.

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