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China Country Calling Code: +86

  • 076934982900

    From: Dongguan [city], Guangdong [province]

  • 13092633319(mobile)

  • 07288319259

    From: Jianghan [city], Hubei [province]

  • 052782424513

    From: Suqian [city], Jiangsu [province]

  • 08168444348

    From: Mianyang [city], Sichuan [province]

  • 07988653817

    From: Jingdezhen [city], Jiangxi [province]

  • 03556824746

    From: Changzhi [city], Shanxi [province]

  • 13082528272(mobile)

  • 08933198997

    From: Lhoka City [city], Tibet [province]

  • 13013833278(mobile)

  • 03188486935

    From: Hengshui [city], Hebei [province]

  • 08865919163

    From: Nujiang of the Lisu Autonomous Prefecture [city], Yunnan [province]

  • 08928653611

    From: Shigatse City [city], Tibet [province]

  • 089887964839

    From: Ledong [city], Hainan [province]

  • 089835264490

    From: Zhongsha [city], Hainan [province]

  • 04687576942

    From: Hegang [city], Heilongjiang [province]

  • 04298751432

    From: Huludao [city], Liaoning [province]

  • 07972265580

    From: Ganzhou [city], Jiangxi [province]

  • 051483712719

    From: Yangzhou [city], Jiangsu [province]

  • 09302681516

    From: Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture [city], Gansu [province]

  • 05983754183

    From: Sanming [city], Fujian [province]

  • 05658282402

    From: Chaohu [city], Anhui [province]

  • 04182771511

    From: Fuxin [city], Liaoning [province]

  • 13013875900(mobile)

  • 05377854705

    From: Jining [city], Shandong [province]

  • 07776464570

    From: Qinzhou [city], Guangxi [province]

  • 08768733521

    From: Wenshan [city], Yunnan [province]

  • 09916919259

    From: Urumchi [city], Xinjiang [province]

  • 07796385257

    From: Beihai [city], Guangxi [province]

  • 05575141918

    From: Suzhou [city], Anhui [province]

  • 08953649260

    From: Qamdo City [city], Tibet [province]

  • 04166652190

    From: Jinzhou [city], Liaoning [province]

  • 051085771622

    From: Wuxi [city], Jiangsu [province]

  • 03768528521

    From: Xinyang [city], Henan [province]

  • 02985268924

    From: Xi'an [city], Shaanxi [province]

  • 089887123304

    From: Dongfang [city], Hainan [province]

  • 13013778559(mobile)

  • 07467222508

    From: Yongzhou [city], Hunan [province]

  • 085129559670

    From: Zunyi [city], Guizhou [province]

  • 04172626418

    From: Yingkou [city], Liaoning [province]

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Using this tool, you can generate random phone numbers from China. Each country has its own fixed phone number rules. The length of the phone number is not the same. If you don’t count the area code, the phone number length of basically all countries is 6-8 digits. At the same time, each country has its own independent international area code, such as +1 for the United States and +44 for the United Kingdom. Country Calling Code of China is +86.

We have collected the country calling codes of 128 countries/regions around the world, and the telephone number rules of each country, so you can generate valid telephone numbers for all countries/regions according to these rules. These telephone numbers look similar really exactly the same, this can help you learn and understand the phone number rules of different countries.

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