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    “Why did you attack some girl's boots?"

    J.Lo looked incredulous. "She is still mad about this?" he huffed. "I TOLD her-I THOUGHT they were ANKLEwolves."

    "Okay, whatever. I-"

    "Why elsenow would a person wear fur with shortpants? It makes no sense!”

  • Random paragraph 2

    “You know I love you," I whispered in his ear.

    "I know," he whispered back, turned, I pulled my arms away and he got on his knees in front of me, his hands framing my face.

    I looked in his dark eyes.

    "Do you know how much?" I kept whispering.

    "How much, baby?" Lahn kept whispering too.

    I bent my forehead to his and told him the truth. "More than my world.”

  • Random paragraph 3

    “I don't say this to hurt you, love." The endearment slipped out without me even thinking about it.


    "Say it again," he said. "Call me your love.”

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This is a very powerful random paragraph generator. Unlike other generators, we collect more paragraphs and can enter the specified words to generate random paragraphs. We have collected more than 60000 paragraphs, which are not generated by machines or broken up some news reports. We have intercepted these paragraphs from the works of many celebrities, so you will see that these paragraphs usually contain beautiful sentences and impressive principles of life.

Using this random paragraph generator is very simple. This page generates three random paragraphs by default. You can enter specific words and numbers at the top of the page to generate random paragraphs so that you will get very accurate paragraphs.

This random paragraph generator has several uses:

1. Get some ideas.

Even if a person who can innovate again, his ideas will dry up sometimes. Usually, when we write, we are often stuck because of some plots. At this time, we need some new ideas to help us expand our thinking. At this time, random paragraphs can help you very well. These random paragraphs contain a variety of topics and ideas, and maybe which one is just suitable for you.

2. Get some truth in life.

In the random paragraphs we collected, there are many well-known quotations. These quotations contain some profound truths about life. You may get some positive help from these random paragraphs.

3. As Lorem Ipsum.

If you are a programmer, you must know this. When your program is in the testing stage, you must need these texts to fill your program. These random paragraphs are a good choice.

4. As the theme of the competition.

If you are looking for some themes to create or looking for some themes to play a game, then these random paragraphs are also a very good choice. By taking the random paragraphs as a designated game theme, let everyone write accordingly.

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