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  • 月下の住吉明神は、神々しく颯爽と舞い、悪魔を払いのけ、君民の長寿を寿ぎ、平安な世を祝福するのでした。

      English translation: Under the moonlight, Sumiyoshi Deity dances airily and divinely to expel demons, celebrate the longevity of the emperor and people and the peace of this world.

  • しかし、日清戦争後は高山らの国体論が徐々に浸透してゆき、天皇機関説事件以後は君民一体の一大家族国家(文部省国体の本義)として、ほぼ国定の解釈となった。

      English translation: But, after the Sino-Japanese War, the national polity theory of Takayama gradually became popular, and after the Emperor Organ Theory Incident, 'Japan was one large family where all the Imperial members and subjects belonged' ('Cardinal principles of the National Entity of Japan' by the Ministry of Education) became an official doctrine.

  • また、日本は君民一体の国柄で、他国のように臣下や他民族が皇位を簒奪することがなく、臣民は常に天皇を尊崇してきたとする歴史観を形成した。

      English translation: During this period, the following historical view was formed; and in Japan, the Imperial family and common people were united with each other, and unlike other countries, the Japanese Imperial throne had never been wrested by subjects or been invaded by other countries, and Japanese people always paid respect to emperors.

  • 君命を果たした山村王を孝謙上皇は喜び、この功により従三位を授かる。

      English translation: The Retired Empress Koken was delighted that Prince Yamamura carried out her order, and she conferred Jusanmi (Junior Third Rank) on him.

  • 君命を帯びて、我が先陣の冠が岳まで連絡にいくところです。

      English translation: Let the Prince have my crown before he has my coffin.

  • これらの約束は、世界の協議会により監督されて、カオスが君臨しない規則内で進行する。

      English translation: These Engagements are overseen by the Council of Worlds, and proceed within rules such that chaos does not reign.

  • 待機Yanhu私たちが、3つしか訪問者は、されているエネルギーをフルに君臨。

      English translation: Wait a Yanhu we found, there are only three visitors, the reigning in of the full of energy.

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