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      English translation: Let me try to talk to him.

  • Random sentence 2


      English translation: At the end of their lives, stars blow large amounts of gas and dust into space.

  • Random sentence 3


      English translation: Supernovae are explosions of stars at the end of their lives.

  • Random sentence 4

    壁に並んで一生を終える事になる ルート 其処にいる? 私よ あなたの助けが必要なの

      English translation: Or you too... will end up a spot on the wall. (Shaw) Root, are you there?

  • Random sentence 5


      English translation: It turned out to be one of the most important teachings that he would give me during his life time: You create Antaiji!

  • Random sentence 6


      English translation: If the Hathors are correct, all of us will face numerous transition states of consciousness before our time on Earth has ended.

  • Random sentence 7


      English translation: Also, when a ship's life finishes, her body is disassembled at a facility specializing in scrapping and materials such as iron are recycled.

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