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      English translation: BlueStar is a patient intervention service that links to a blood glucose monitoring device. Before each examination, a report on the patient's blood glucose levels, medication compliance, physical condition, and overall status is sent to the medical team, and this contributes to the efficiency of medical consultations.

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      English translation: Driving today's trend to build connected smart devices that communicate with each other, ST offers products and solutions for robot vacuum cleaners, smart fridges and kitchen aids; medical equipment including thermometers and blood glucose meters; and wearables such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, and heart-rate monitors.

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    これは血糖値測定器や インスリンポンプに限らず 時間尺度は異なるものの 体に用いる全てのインプラントに伴う問題です

      English translation: And it's not just glucose monitors and insulin pumps that have this problem, but all bodily implants, at different time scales.

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      English translation: Lee Jae-suk, the business director at i-SENS, a Korean manufacturer of blood glucose monitors, commented: "Because this year's meeting was held as part of a major exhibition on medical devices, it was easier for us to invite buyers and hold satisfactory meetings.As the quality of Korean-made medical devices continues to improve, we expect to have even more good results in the future."

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      English translation: The preemptive medicine is a new concept in the medical fields.

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    先制医療実現のための鍵 今後、遺伝子診断や血糖値測定器などの検査技術の高度化や、リスクに応じた多様な予防的介入など、糖尿病分野における先制医療の実現へ向けた研究が進むと予測される。

      English translation: Key Requirements for the Implementation of Preemptive Medicine Going forward, we can expect to see continuing research efforts targeting the effective implementation of preemptive medicine in the field of diabetes, such as the advancing technologies for diagnostics, and various interventions related to risk-based approach.

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      English translation: There is only "lineage."

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