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About Instagram Text Generator

This is a generator that can generate more than 100 Instagram texts. You only need to enter your text in the text box above, and you will immediately get a list of fancy texts. You only need to click on the generated result you like, and then select and copy, paste it into your instagram bio. In fact, there are more than 100 types of fancy text generated by this generator. You only need to click the "load more text" button at the bottom of the list to get more results.

At the same time, not only Instagram, these fancy and cursive texts can be used anywhere, whether it is social media or chat APP, these texts can be displayed normally, because these texts are not real fonts, but some unicode special characters.

Unicode is a set of codes. This set of codes contains almost all the characters and symbols of all ethnic groups in the world. All the symbols we see are included in it. So we only need to find those distinguishable symbols that are similar to the text currently used by humans, to make this generator by combining and replacing characters.

How to copy and paste the text?

Just select the text you like, copy it and paste it anywhere. It's free to use and there's no copyright risk.

If you don't find the text you want in this generator, you can try Fancy Text Generator or Cursive Text Generator.