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About Lucky Number Generator

This is a powerful lucky number generator that can generate a lot of lucky numbers, whether it is a lottery game (5 white balls + 1 red ball) or a more complicated lottery game (n white balls + m red balls), or Just a simple number game (a red ball or a white ball) that you can get with this lucky number generator.

Using this lucky number generator is very simple, you can customize three fields, white ball, red ball and tickets. You can specify the maximum number and the smallest number of white and red balls respectively. The smallest number can be 0, so you also you can only generate one red ball or one white ball. For example, if you set the white ball from 1-69, generate five white balls at a time, set the red ball to 0, and set the number of tickets to 1, then you will get 5 white balls from 1-69.

You can generate up to 1000 at a time.

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