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  • The biggest question remaining for the governor is if he'll be able to surpass Santorum's reelection mark of 41 percent in 2006 — one of the lowest totals for any incumbent not plagued by scandal.

  • Tom shot and killed a bear.

  • But, the Web as a whole has a lot, which isn't such a horrible thing for companies like Time Warner, as they still dole out the broadband that powers those Netflix binges.

  • A Congressional Research Service report (PDF) from January found that Reid has resorted to this procedure more than any other Senate majority leader going back to 1985, though Republican majorities have relied heavily on it as well.

  • (Imagine an American city hosting the Super Bowl, the World Series, and an international hot-dog eating championship all at once.) But some aren’t thrilled at the expense of it all.

  • This is a complicated matter and must be approached with care.

  • Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow reported having $794,400 cash-on-hand at the end of March, which makes them richer than most other super PACs.

  • This is a model that parallels Usenet, the Internet's ur-social network, a set of distributed message boards that served as a foundational influence on many builders of the contemporary commercial Web.

  • Obama may know THINGS.

  • Rubio, the supposedly serious Republican candidate on foreign policy, is making them his template.

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