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  • Ultimately, with the distance of a year, the irrational anti-Hathaway sentiment feels pretty ridiculous.

  • He's an ordinary looking guy.

  • So you see, it's a condundrum! It gets even worse when it's hot out and your cheek (or body) is covered in a veneer of perspiration, as we've discussed in a recent Sweatiquette.

  • A cratering economy?

  • Citing research by the University of Virginia’s Jonah Schulhofer-Wohl, Lynch argues that the moderate/jihadist dichotomy that governs much of the American discourse about opposition fighters in Syria doesn’t hold on the ground, where various armed groups have engaged in “rapidly shifting alliances.” As Abu Yusaf, an ISIS commander, recently told journalists with The Washington Post, “Many of the FSA people who the West has trained are actually joining us.” Bombing ISIS fighters from the air and arming moderate rebels to attack them from the ground may sound attractive.

  • "Football players are supposed to be our manliest men," he explained.

  • The Internet might be making some people crazy sometimes, but its also making life better in other ways.

  • I watched every episode of The Sopranos.

  • The third person seems much less natural.

  • knew going into the meeting that the purpose was to receive information damaging to the Clinton campaign.

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