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  •  What do you do for school and work?

  •  How many drugs have you done in the past three days?

  •  Do you prefer BBC or ITV?

  •  What are your thoughts on our President?

  •  Which sport are you interested in?

  •  What color is your bedroom carpet?

  •  Do you operate better at night or during the day?

  •  What advice would your husband give his best friend if he were announcing his marriage tomorrow?

  •  If you opened a business, what kind of business would it be?

  •  Do you like where you live?

  •  Who in the movie business seems the most down to earth?

  •  What piece of technology is really frustrating to use?

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If you suddenly have no topic during a date, how awkward it is. If you are not a very familiar friend, we don't have so many topics to discuss casually. At this time, you need to prepare some questions according to your date. If you are organizing a discussion and looking for some suitable questions, you have come to the right place.

We have collected more than 6,300 questions, including multiple topics, some for business conversations, some for dating, and some for class discussion. If the current page is not suitable, you only need to refresh it. At the same time, you can also specify the words to be included in the question. Click on the question text and the question will be automatically selected. It is convenient for you to copy and save.