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  • A man dying of cancer is caught in a lab accident in an old slaughterhouse.

  • A mad scientist misses an opportunity of a lifetime on a ghost ship.

  • Regretting decisions made in the past, an opportunity presents itself to the main character when they realise a loved one is involved in criminal activities that results in a young girl being kidnapped.

  • Your main character is a man in his eighties, who can be quite foolish. The story begins by a river. A relationship breaks up. It's a story about terror. Your character takes on the role of protector.

  • Stuck in an abusive relationship, the main character loses what's dearest to them when a stranger enters their life with an intriguing proposal that results in the destruction of the city centre.Determined to set things right, the main character, after a long and difficult journey, accidentally endangers others.

  • Living safely within the borders of the kingdom, the main character's town comes under attack and is destroyed when a dark force spreads across the land; it requires them to travel around the world.Brave enough to go forward, the main character, with the help of an alchemist, struggles to figure out what is right or wrong.In the end, after witnessing the death of the antagonist, the main character is forced to go on the run after committing numerous crimes, and vows to get justice.

  • Knowing little of the world away from home, the main character is tasked with obtaining an important item when they learn that a great war is looming on the horizon, started by a dark power; it threatens their current situation.Secretly, the main character, after a daring escape, comes up with a cunning plan to resolve the issue.

  • Living quietly, trying to avoid the wrath of the local soldiers, things don't go according to plan for the main character when they discover that their nation is destined be destroyed by a great, conquering force; it will eventually ruin someone else's life.Driven by fear, the main character, with an experienced mentor, comes up with a cunning plan to find out the truth.In the end, after a face-to-face encounter with the enemy, the main character loses what they had, but gains a new love interest.

  • Living their dream life, the main character's life suddenly changes when they are involved in a case of mistaken identity that casts doubt on their current situation.With their world gone crazy, the main character, with no one on their side and few resources, ends up putting their own personal needs before others.

  • A worthless servant in the palace, the main character is suddenly forced to leave their home and family when they learn of a powerful, dark threat that rapidly encroaches on their land; it results in the land being plunged into chaos.

  • Living a life of poverty, the main character forms a new relationship when a long lost love returns, asking them for a favour that will eventually ruin their life.After ignoring the issue for a long as possible, the main character, public enemy number one, desperately searches for a missing item.

  • A retired cowboy is on a mission from God during training.

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