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  • Plot 1

    Just when things were starting to look great, an opportunity presents itself to the main character when a stranger enters their life with an intriguing proposal that results in the destruction of the city.Secretly, and in a race against time, the main character comes up with a cunning plan to resolve the issue.

  • Plot 2

    Having never been in love before, the main character's emotions rise when a long lost love returns, asking them for help.

  • Plot 3

    A depressed mother vows revenge against the people who murdered her family at the morgue.

  • Plot 4

    Living peacefully with no knowledge of the growing threat beyond their homelands, the main character's life suddenly changes when they learn of a beast that steadily grows in power; it will eventually make them very infamous.

  • Plot 5

    Living a peaceful, pleasant life, the main character is forced into action when they learn of a beast that steadily grows in power; it casts doubt on their current situation.

  • Plot 6

    Stuck in a dead-end relationship, the main character starts to open up when a charming stranger gives them some advice which they act on and benefit from.Discovering that their feelings for the love interest are actually growing, the main character is seemingly rejected by the love interest when when another person with much better chances than the main character shows up and rumours of a secret affair begin to spread.After ignoring the issue for a long as possible, the main character, with the help of their friends, attempt to save the relationship and in the end, after resisting temptation, the main character loses what they had, but gains a new understanding.

  • Plot 7

    Constantly plagued by nightmares from a young age, the main character sets out to find their true purpose in life when they learn of a dragon that steadily grows in power that seeks to consume all in their path.

  • Plot 8

    A secretary is caught in a lab accident in a run-down apartment complex.

  • Plot 9

    Living life on the edge, the main character is suddenly thrust into a living nightmare when they discover an old photograph that could cost them their money.

  • Plot 10

    Your main character is a young woman in her late teens, who can be quite aggressive. The story begins in a marina. A pregnancy is announced. It's a story about a countdown to disaster. Your character realises no-one will listen to what s/he's saying.

  • Plot 11

    Hoping for some excitement, the main character's life suddenly changes when a long lost friend returns, asking them for a favour that results in a man being kidnapped.With no other choice, the main character, without thinking ahead, struggles to figure out what is right or wrong.

  • Plot 12

    Your main character is a man in his fifties, who can be quite sensitive. The story begins on a battlefield. A relationship breaks up. It's a story about infidelity. Your character offers to lend a helping hand.

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