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  • Your main character is a man in his sixties, who can be quite jealous. The story begins in a psychiatric hospital. A robbery goes badly wrong. It's a story about the effects of war. Your character is determined to get to the truth.

  • A talking dog takes a road trip after he dies.

  • An ex-marine goes to a friend's funeral on the way to Mexico.

  • A gang member fights for his life during hurricane Katrina.

  • A good man, a bad man, and an ugly man betray a friend after they die.

  • Constantly plagued by nightmares from a young age, the main character discovers that the fate of the world rests on their shoulders when they learn that a great war is looming on the horizon, started by a dark power that must be stopped at all costs.

  • A psychic hires a drifter with unusual powers in the jungle.

  • An all-American girl meets someone she thought had died at a boarding school for girls.

  • Your main character is a woman in her late thirties, who can be quite decisive. The story begins in a cave. Someone has a stalker. It's a story about a chase. Your character realises no-one will listen to what s/he's saying.

  • Bitter about life's cruel games, things don't go according to plan for the main character when they discover an important, lost item that requires them to travel around the world.Secretly, the main character, with the help of a loose guy, accidentally endangers others.In the end, after having their faith tested, the main character now has the strength to deal with other problems in their life.

  • An all-American boy steals a tank and causes havok at a high school dance.

  • A farming community uses his powers to save the one he loves.

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If you are a writer, or a person who writes often, you will certainly have such confusion. Sometimes you don't know how to construct some plots to attract people. Everyone's experience is limited. At this time, you may wish to get inspiration by randomly generating some plots.

This is a powerful tool that can generate countless appealing story plots. We have collected more than 400,000 interesting story plots. These plots have a variety of styles, action, fantasy, romance, etc., each style you have can find countless story plots. You can generate it yourself by typing in the words you want to include and entering the quantity, which can be generated up to 100 at a time. Click on the plot text and the plot will be automatically selected. It is convenient for you to copy and save.