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  • Plot 1

    Living quietly, trying to avoid the wrath of the local guards, the peaceful life the main character once knew slowly fades away when the ruler, driven mad with power, begins to use their power and forces in a way; it will eventually ruin their life.

  • Plot 2

    A noble lord with much wealth and land to his name, the main character loses all they know and love when they discover that the uneasy peace that holds across the land will soon collapse and plunge the world into a chaos; it will eventually make them very famous.

  • Plot 3

    A famous actor uses his powers at the mall.

  • Plot 4

    An unsuspecting regular Joe, the peaceful life the main character once knew slowly fades away when they are involved in a case of espionage that results in them working for a large, international organisation.Driven by hatred, the main character, with new-found strength and courage, struggles to separate the truth from the lies.

  • Plot 5

    Your main character is a young woman in her late teens, who is very decisive. The story begins on a moonlit beach. Someone telling the truth isn't believed. It's a story about escape. Your character attempts to keep a low profile.

  • Plot 6

    Constantly plagued by nightmares from a young age, the main character must fight to protect what they love when they learn of an ancient legend which predicts the downfall of the kingdom at the hands of a dark lord that can only be stopped by one who is brave and pure of heart.

  • Plot 7

    Saint Peter has a string of bad luck at the Grand Canyon.

  • Plot 8

    Just when everything was going fine, the main character is captured and taken prisoner when their town is being subjected to a devastating attack by an enemy nation; it threatens their current situation.

  • Plot 9

    Currently in many friendzones, the main character catches the eye of another when whilst drunk, another character does something unexpected at a party.

  • Plot 10

    A princess meets a strange homeless woman in a life raft.

  • Plot 11

    Your main character is a man in his seventies, who can be quite aggressive. The story begins in a shopping centre. A political demonstration turns into chaos. It's a story about sacrifice. Your character bites off more than s/he can chew.

  • Plot 12

    Having recently divorced, the main character's perception of their love life changes when dared by friends to give a potential suitor a chance.

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