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  • Gussied up

    Meaning: Smartened up, in a showy or garish way.

  • No man is an island

    Meaning: The phrase 'no man is an island' expresses the idea that human beings do badly when isolated from others and need to be part of a community in order to thrive. Donne was a Christian but this concept is shared by other religions, principally Buddhism.

  • Flash in the pan

    Meaning: Something which disappoints by failing to deliver anything of value, despite a showy beginning.

  • Cut of your jib

    Meaning: One's general appearance and demeanour.

  • Mumbo jumbo

    Meaning: Nonsense, especially meaningless speech and often associated with spurious religious ritual.

  • More bang for your buck

    Meaning: More for your money.

  • Something for the weekend sir?

    Meaning: A coy query asking if a customer wanted to buy a condom.

  • A norange

    Meaning: In 1914 the Danish grammarian Otto Jespersen coined the term 'metanalysis'. That's rather a dry start to a piece on what is a lively and intriguing facet of the English language. To find out what prompted Jespersen to believe that we needed a new word, let's bring in a stage prop - the humble orange.

  • Don't try to teach your Grandma to suck eggs

    Meaning: Don't offer advice to someone who has more experience than oneself.

  • Why does bread always fall buttered side down?

    Meaning: An expression of a pessimistic view of life.

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