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    Close your eyes and think of England

    Meaning: A reference to unwanted sexual intercourse - specifically advice to an unwilling wife when sexually approached by her husband.

  • Random phrase 2

    In the limelight

    Meaning: At the centre of attention.

  • Random phrase 3

    Win hands down

    Meaning: Win easily, with little effort.

  • Random phrase 4

    In the doghouse

    Meaning: In disgrace; out of favour.

  • Random phrase 5

    Things that go bump in the night

    Meaning: Frightening but imagined supernatural events.

  • Random phrase 6

    Beelzebub has a devil for a sideboard

    Meaning: Misheard lyric.

  • Random phrase 7

    Out of sight

    Meaning: Excellent; extraordinary.

  • Random phrase 8


    Meaning: An exclamation made when encouraging a child to get up after a fall or when lifting a child into the air.

  • Random phrase 9

    Act the giddy goat

    Meaning: Behave foolishly.

  • Random phrase 10

    The Old One-Two

    Meaning: 1. A fast combination of punches. 2. A strong combination of two people or things.

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