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  • A norange

    Meaning: In 1914 the Danish grammarian Otto Jespersen coined the term 'metanalysis'. That's rather a dry start to a piece on what is a lively and intriguing facet of the English language. To find out what prompted Jespersen to believe that we needed a new word, let's bring in a stage prop - the humble orange.

  • Petty cash

    Meaning: An accessible store of money, intended for small purchases.

  • Hanged, drawn and quartered

    Meaning: A gruesome form of torture and, eventually, death by execution.

  • Spend a penny

    Meaning: To use a public lavatory.

  • Iron hoof

    Meaning: Poof (homosexual).

  • In stitches

    Meaning: Laughing uproariously.

  • A dust-up

    Meaning: A fight.

  • The pen is mightier than the sword

    Meaning: Literal meaning.

  • Fair exchange is no robbery

    Meaning: An exchange of two things of equal value is a reasonable and honest trade.

  • Take potluck

    Meaning: Take one's chance as to what meal one is served when accepting another's hospitality. Also, in the USA, potluck is the name of a communal meal, in which participants each bring a dish to be shared.

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