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  • Stick a Fork In It

    Meaning: To point out that something is finished, or done.

  • Hanky-panky

    Meaning: Trickery - double dealing. Also, more recently, sexual shenanigans.

  • Living on borrowed time

    Meaning: Living after the time you would have expected to have died.

  • Spill the beans

    Meaning: To divulge a secret, especially to do so inadvertently or maliciously.

  • Go out on a limb

    Meaning: Put oneself in an isolated position in one's support of someone or something.

  • Cookie cutter

    Meaning: Originally, a utensil for cutting shaped pieces out of dough. More recently, characterising a lack of originality.

  • As queer as a nine bob note

    Meaning: Odd or unusual. Also used to mean homosexual.

  • The balance of power

    Meaning: The distribution of power between nations in such a way that no single state has dominance over the others.

  • Less is more

    Meaning: The notion that simplicity and clarity lead to good design.

  • The living daylights

    Meaning: To beat the living daylights out of someone is to beat them severely, to the point where they lose consciousness.

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