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  • Pigs might fly / When pigs fly

    Meaning: A humorous/sarcastic remark, used to indicate the unlikeliness of some event or to mock the credulity of others; for example, "I might make a start on papering the back bedroom tomorrow". "Yes, and pigs might fly".

  • A good man is hard to find

    Meaning: A modern-day proverb, bemoaning the difficulty of finding a suitable male partner.

  • A foregone conclusion

    Meaning: A decision made before the evidence for it is known. An inevitable conclusion.

  • So sue me

    Meaning: A defiant challenge for an adversary to escalate a dispute.

  • A leopard cannot change its spots

    Meaning: The notion that things cannot change their innate nature.

  • By gum

    Meaning: Exclamation of surprise. This is an example of a minced-oath, and is a euphemism for 'By God'.

  • Life's not all beer and skittles

    Meaning: 'Beer and skittles' is shorthand for a life of indulgence spent in the pub.

  • Hanky-panky

    Meaning: Trickery - double dealing. Also, more recently, sexual shenanigans.

  • Sent to Coventry

    Meaning: To be ignored or ostracised. This behaviour often takes the form of pretending that the shunned person, although conspicuously present, can't be seen or heard.

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