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  • Jerry built

    Meaning: Built in a makeshift and insubstantial manner.

  • Put on your thinking cap

    Meaning: Take time for consideration of some question.

  • I'll swing for you

    Meaning: "I will kill you and am prepared to be hanged as a consequence", or "I will swing a punch at you".

  • To be, or not to be, that is the question

    Meaning: Is it better to live or to die?

  • Frailty, thy name is woman

    Meaning: Alluding to the alleged inherent weakness of character of women.

  • As pure as the driven snow

    Meaning: Entirely pure.

  • Pull out all the stops

    Meaning: Make every possible effort.

  • Heavy metal

    Meaning: Hard rock music, usually electric guitar-based and always loud.

  • My husband and I

    Meaning: This turn of phrase has often been used by Queen Elizabeth II in public speeches. The Queen married the Duke of Edinburgh (formerly Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark) on 20 November 1947. Since that day he has been resigned to walking a few paces behind her in public. Putting the husband first in 'my husband and I' was a device used to indicate the dominance of the male in marriage. The stilted form of address became rather out of touch with modern thoughts about marriage and was satirized in the UK in the 1960s and onwards. The Queen now rarely, if ever, uses the phrase.

  • Dropping like flies

    Meaning: Falling down ill or dead in large numbers.

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