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    Left to ourselves, we might pick the wrong health insurance, the wrong mortgage, the wrong school for our kids why, unless they stop us, we might pick the wrong light bulb.

    Author: Mitch Daniels  Category: health

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    It's okay to be a fat man. It's prestige and power and all of that. But fat women are seen as just lazy and stupid and having no self-control.

    Author: Camryn Manheim  Category: women

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    When I was younger, I had a perm, and it was really big. My mom was a hairdresser, so even my dad had a perm! I looked like a poodle, but it was cool at the time.

    Author: Heidi Klum  Category: mom

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    One of the reasons I loved working with Tom is people feel they know who he is... I think working with an actor who the audience already has a relationship with actually helps you in a film like this.

    Author: Sam Mendes  Category: relationship

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    Fear doesn't exist anywhere except in the mind.

    Author: Dale Carnegie  Category: fear

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    It is strange that modesty is the rule for women when what they most value in men is boldness.

    Author: Ninon de L'Enclos  Category: women

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    The question of religion was a matter for each individual's conscience, and in a great many cases was the outcome of birth or residence in a certain geographical area.

    Author: James Larkin  Category: religion

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    Americans of all ages deserve quality end-of-life medical care.

    Author: Bill Nelson  Category: medical

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    Anderson Cooper every night dreams about getting my job permanently really.

    Author: Regis Philbin  Category: dreams

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    Tennis just a game, family is forever.

    Author: Serena Williams  Category: family

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