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  • All systems go

    Meaning: 'All systems go' is what someone might say when all systems are functional and ready to proceed.

  • Piece of cake

    Meaning: A straightforward task that can easily be accomplished.

  • Push the envelope

    Meaning: To attempt to extend the current limits of performance. To innovate, or go beyond commonly accepted boundaries.

  • Go to pot

    Meaning: Become ruined.

  • The wrong side of the blanket

    Meaning: Euphemism for being born out of wedlock.

  • The whole kit and caboodle

    Meaning: A collection of things.

  • To boot

    Meaning: Moreover; in addition to.

  • 'Silly' phrases

    Meaning: I have been watching the 30th cricket Test series between England and India and musing about the oddly named field positions 'Silly mid-on', 'Silly point' etc. I've watched enough cricket to know that these are positions close to the batsman, but wondered why they are labelled 'silly' and whether there might be an archaic 'near to' meaning of the word. As it turns out, there isn't. 'Silly' in this context means what we normally mean by the word, that is, 'foolish or empty-headed'. Anyone who has been hit on the knee (or elsewhere) by a cricket ball will understand that standing about six feet away from the batsman is just plain silly.

  • In a nutshell

    Meaning: In a few words; concisely stated.

  • Put on your thinking cap

    Meaning: Take time for consideration of some question.

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