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  • The last straw (that broke the camel's back)

    Meaning: The final additional small burden that makes the entirety of one's difficulties unbearable.

  • Wouldn't touch with a barge-pole

    Meaning: Said of something or someone so unappealing that one wouldn't want to go anywhere near.

  • Swinging For The Fences

    Meaning: Giving something your all.

  • Bale out/bail out

    Meaning: Various meanings, including 'making an emergency parachute escape from an aeroplane' and 'ladling water from a boat'.

  • Kith and kin

    Meaning: One's kith and kin are one's friends and relations.

  • Cut off without a penny

    Meaning: Disinherited.

  • On the warpath

    Meaning: Intent on a confrontation or fight.

  • At one fell swoop

    Meaning: Suddenly; in a single action.

  • As mad as a March hare

    Meaning: Completely mad.

  • Lickety-Split

    Meaning: To go at a quick pace; no delaying!

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