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  • Make a bee-line for

    Meaning: Go directly towards.

  • To bandy words

    Meaning: To argue persistently.

  • Son of a bitch

    Meaning: A general term of abuse for a man.

  • Seen better days

    Meaning: To have been more wealthy or in better condition in former times.

  • The darling buds of May

    Meaning: An appreciation of what is fresh and new.

  • What a piece of work is man

    Meaning: Man is a supreme creature.

  • Thumbs up

    Meaning: A sign of acceptance, approval or encouragement, made with closed fingers and the thumb extended upwards.

  • A bolt from the blue

    Meaning: A complete surprise, like a bolt of lightning from a clear blue sky.

  • Elvis has left the building

    Meaning: The show is over - go home.

  • Put a sock in it

    Meaning: A request to be quiet.

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