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  • Wing it

    Meaning: To do something in an impromptu manner, improvising, with little preparation.

  • Senior citizen

    Meaning: An elderly person; one who is past the age of retirement.

  • Extraordinary rendition

    Meaning: A procedure whereby criminal suspects are sent for interrogation from one country to a second country, where less strict laws governing interrogation apply.

  • My old Dutch

    Meaning: An affectionate term for wife.

  • For all intents and purposes

    Meaning: In effect; for all practical purposes.

  • Warts and all

    Meaning: The whole thing; not concealing the less attractive parts.

  • Bone idle

    Meaning: Utterly lazy.

  • Hear hear

    Meaning: A shout of acclamation or agreement.

  • Hit the hay

    Meaning: Go to bed.

  • Monstrous regiment of women

    Meaning: A disparaging description, often used to describe feminist or rowdy women by their detractors.

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