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  • Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety

    Meaning: From Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra, 1606:

  • Photo Finish

    Meaning: A photograph taken at the finish line. Also refers to competitions that are very close towards the end.

  • Finger lickin' good

    Meaning: Excellent - especially of food. Known primarily as the slogan of the KFC food chain.

  • Carry coals to Newcastle

    Meaning: To do something pointless and superfluous.

  • A plague on both your houses

    Meaning: A frustrated curse on both sides of an argument.

  • The emperor's new clothes

    Meaning: The label given to any fictional item that viewers have been induced into believing as real..

  • Not a dicky-bird

    Meaning: Not a sound; not an utterance.

  • The collywobbles

    Meaning: A state of intestinal disorder, usually accompanied by a rumbling stomach; for example, 'butterflies in the stomach'.

  • Hasta la vista

    Meaning: Translated from the Spanish - 'see you later'.

  • The Big Apple

    Meaning: Nickname for New York, USA.

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