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  • Mother country

    Meaning: One's native land, or the native land of one's ancestors.

  • San fairy Ann

    Meaning: A deliberate jokey corruption of the French phrase 'Ça ne fait rien' - it doesn't matter.

  • Kettle of fish

    Meaning: This expression is usually part of the phrases 'a fine kettle of fish', 'a pretty kettle of fish' etc, which mean 'a muddle or awkward state of affairs'.

  • Fellow traveller

    Meaning: Someone sympathetic toward a certain point of view without being a fully paid-up member of the club.

  • The bitter end

    Meaning: To the limit of one's efforts - to the last extremity.

  • The exception that proves the rule

    Meaning: Normally with these meanings and origins the meaning is well-understood or self-evident and the interesting aspect is how, where and when the phrase originated. This one is a little different - it's the meaning that is generally not understood.

  • The short end of the stick

    Meaning: To get the short end of the stick is to come off worst in a bargain or contest.

  • One over the eight

    Meaning: The final drink that renders someone drunk.

  • A word in your shell-like

    Meaning: I would like to talk to you.

  • Pears for your heirs

    Meaning: An adage to encourage us to think long-term and look after future generations.

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