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  • Baptism of fire

    Meaning: An ordeal or martyrdom. More recently, a soldier's first experience of battle.

  • Pig's ear

    Meaning: As 'pig's ear' - Cockney rhyming slang for beer. As 'in a pig's ear' - an expression of disbelief. As 'make a pig's ear of ' - make a mess or muddle.

  • A load of cobblers

    Meaning: Nonsense, rubbish.

  • Stranger danger

    Meaning: A slogan, intended to alert children to the risks posed by people they do not know.

  • The whole shebang

    Meaning: All of it; the whole thing.

  • Mutt and Jeff

    Meaning: When written and pronounced as Mutt 'n' Jeff this has the meaning deaf. It is also a slang term for the 'good cop/bad cop' method of police interrogation or any other pair of people or items which are contrasting in size or nature.

  • Get over it

    Meaning: Don't concern yourself with something that's already in the past; accept it and move on to more productive pursuits.

  • Another think coming

    Meaning: To have 'another think coming' is to be greatly mistaken. The phrase is usually spoken by an antagonist as 'you have another think coming'; the implication being that one will shortly be obliged to adopt a different viewpoint, either by the presentation of indisputable evidence, or by force.

  • Play ducks and drakes

    Meaning: To behave recklessly; to idly squander one's wealth.

  • Safe sex

    Meaning: What is usually meant by 'safe sex' is sexual activity where precautions, e.g. the use of condoms, are taken against the transmission of diseases, notably HIV/AIDS. Earlier, in the 20th century, there have been other interpretations of what was meant by the term; for example, 'the avoidance of sex, notably for young or unmarried people' and 'birth control methods'.

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