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    Born and raised in Billings, Zoe, whose name has been changed for her protection, is a single mother of two kids.

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    Expulsions of people settled inside the United States sharply declined in the Obama years, perhaps by some 40 percent below the George W.

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    It helped that Louisville was also one of the few metropolitan areas that made a concerted effort to integrate housing as it integrated the schools, Siegel-Hawley said.

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    Similarly, states mandate abortion providers obtain hospital admitting privileges—ratcheting up physician qualifications for a procedure that is perfectly safe for nurse practitioners to perform—for the same reason they require florists to be hyper-credentialed: It artificially limits the availability of the service.

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    Together, the team swept through 50 houses in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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    I say "unfortunately" because this is just going to get the damn contra-gender people crawling all over this again, saying, "Nyeh nyeh, there's no connection between sexuality and behavior..." Yeah, thanks, I get that, but there obviously is a connection, because about 40 percent of the theater boys I know are gay.

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