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    The federal government currently controls broad portions of spectrum, which it uses for air-traffic control, to monitor weather systems, to allow law-enforcement officers to communicate with each other, and a host of other programs.

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    Berman: What was Tonja Carter looking for when she found it?

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    ASCII art had no such luxury. The things you could do with a fixed-width font on a low resolution screen much more closely resemble Nelson's portraits than poems collected by the Sackners.  A more direct connection, at least aesthetically, is another book unearthed in Emerson's Media Archaeology Lab: Bob Neill’s Book of Typewriter Art (with special computer program). Published in 1982, it stands almost directly astride the emergent world of computing and the dominant world of typewriting.

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    The new layout makes me want to go elsewhere.

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    White members of the community—many of whom knew my grandfather—were more reticent to speak with me.

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    After all, it's Brooklyn.  Of course, area codes (the new, new "exchanges" of years past) have been changing for some time now.

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