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  • Just as Ted Kennedy had hisstaff make the first Congressional website, a developer in Congress will seek to use new technology to make their job easier.

  • And that means and engaging with the people of the region, rather than the tyrants who terrorize them.

  • There's no risk of being caught, the seats are comfortable, and you get to be away from your office and avoid interruption.

  • True Grit is also, arguably, the Coens' second Western, following 2007's No Country for Old Men—by general consensus, their finest work.It is perhaps fitting, then, that True Grit lies squarely between thesetwo poles of their career: a fine but middling production by the duo'selevated standards.

  • A series of Supreme Court decisions over the past half-century have shaped how it plays out on the ground: The landmark Gideon v.

  • I did so at his request.

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This is a very powerful random sentence generator, we have collected more than 6.5 million sentences, including English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Russian. Among them, there are more than 1.7 million sentences in English, 1.2 million sentences in Spain and hundreds of thousands in other languages. You can generate sentences from specific words.

This random sentence generator can be used as a learning tool. When you forget how to use a certain word, you only need to enter the word and generate some sentences to know how the word is used in different scenarios. Sometimes, when you don't know how to write around a word, you can get some inspiration by using this sentence generator to generate some sentences, so this tool can also be used as a source of inspiration.

Our sentences are derived from some random articles on the Internet, some are from some papers, and some are from some news and stories, so you can see that some sentences are funny and some are even weird.