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    could have done more to help Syrian rebels early on, before the revolution was hijacked by jihadists), but it only seems fair to acknowledge that Obama achieved something important and tangible in his effort to rid Syria of chemical weapons.

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    Yet, this process will take "until the next millennium," sighed Bilton in his New York Times column this weekend.

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    Even worse, of 45 studio or network CEOs, none were Latino (just two were non-White men).

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    πατινάζ ταχύτητας #Sochi2014 pic.twitter.com/zEIyzb9HSq Next weekend, Wüst will skate again as she tries to defend her gold medal in the 1500-meter race.

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    City of New York) was linked, even before the case began, to another case in which she'd already found against the police.

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    Federal security forces have also committed a series of heinous massacres.

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