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    In my experience teaching children aged 3 through 6, I've found that early-childhood classrooms can serve as a natural cradle for democracy, as they're typically where kids learn their first lessons about group membership.

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    Some of the statements (issued as they were by politicians) contain enough wiggle room for members of Congress to maintain consistency in a vote that seemingly contradicts the count.

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    The NFL playoffs are finally here, and only 12 teams remain in the Super Bowl chase.

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    In Escapism, Yi-Fu Tuan writes about society’s feelings on the titular subject: “Escapism has a somewhat negative meaning in our society and perhaps in all societies.

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    When a user composes a Facebook message and includes a link to a third party website (a “URL”), the Company scans the content of the Facebook message, follows the enclosed link, and searches for information to profile the message-sender’s web activity.  The suit further explains that Facebook will "like" the link – when possible – in this way passing the secret information along to the company whose page has been "liked":  Upon information and belief, where a web page does contain a “Like button, the  web crawlers transmit this information back to Facebook.

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    There is no cure for Ebola, and health officials aren't entirely sure what treatment or combination of treatments worked for the American patients.

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