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  • [brief] This character is a woman in her sixties, who can be quite considerate. She comes from a comfortable background, lives in a remote farmhouse and tends to complain a lot.
  • [detailed]
    Name: Cintia Galloway
    Age: 22 yrs - Born 19th of February
    Personality: Nice, slow, sadistic, a follower and rarely angry
    Appearance: Standing short and slender with tan skin, Cintia has a dominant feel about him.
    He soft, narrow light green eyes, a large nose, and a pointed chin. His short, thick, dark brown hair is is damaged.
    His clothing is loose and fine. A particularly noticeable feature is his white, sparkly teeth.
    Personal Status
    Marital status: Widow/Widower (Bisexual)
    Social Class: Aristocracy
    Education: Never went to school
    Job: Banker - 99% satisfied
    Financial status: Wealthy
    Personal views
    Religious view: Atheist
    World view: Optimist
    Racial views: "I'm only racist because of what I've been told"
    Gender bias: "Men should have more rights"
    Age preference: "I don't take young people seriously"
    Nationalism: "I am a patriot"
    Conflict: "I am a pacifist"
    Physical/Health: Frequently sniffles
    Quirks: Suffers from an addiction, Over-analyses things
    Likes: Singing
    Dislikes: Bad smells, People who speak loudly in public, Loud music, Waiting
    Afraid of: Deep water, The dark, and Rejection
    Self-satisfaction: 46% - Decreasing
    Fitness level: 90% - Decreasing
    Motivator: High aspirations
    Skills: Excels at snowboarding and survival. Very good at karate. Knows how to use a sword
    Colours: Likes grey, hates magenta
    Music: Likes Bollywood
    Foods: Mild food
    Book Genre: Short Stories

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Argonians are races of humanoid lizards. They are strange in character and look like lizards, so most names sound a bit comical, and even some names sound negative, which is consistent with the characteristics of this race.

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