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  • [Random brief character] This character is a woman in her late twenties, who is very rude. She comes from a wealthy background, lives in a seaside villa and tends to a huge collection of pot plants.
  • [Random detailed character]
    Name: Adedayo Patterson
    Age: 26 yrs - Born 17th of June
    Personality: Group-dependent, intuitive, merciless, confident and optimistic
    Appearance: Standing tall, and solidly-built with pink skin, Adedayo has a dark feel about him.
    He dark, round grey eyes, a straight nose, and a round chin. His long, straight, blonde hair is is worn in twists.
    His clothing is loose and dirty. A particularly noticeable feature is his persistent sweet smell.
    Personal Status
    Marital status: Single - Friendships only (Heterosexual)
    Social Class: Aristocracy
    Education: An A+ grade student
    Job: Graphic designer - 71% satisfied
    Financial status: Wealthy
    Personal views
    Religious view: Atheist
    World view: Optimist
    Racial views: "I don't like any race except my own"
    Gender bias: "Men and women are equal, but have different strengths and weaknesses"
    Age preference: "Children should be respected, not disregarded"
    Nationalism: "I'm not very patriotic"
    Conflict: "Violence never solves anything"
    Physical/Health: Lactose intolerant
    Quirks: Drags their feet, Sucks their thumb in private
    Likes: Camping, Playing videogames, Doing yoga
    Dislikes: Feet, The sound of chalk on a board
    Afraid of: Death
    Self-satisfaction: 36% - Decreasing
    Fitness level: 67% - Stable
    Motivator: Respect
    Skills: Good at hockey and storytelling. An expert at carpentry
    Colours: Likes turquoise and turquoise, hates cream
    Music: Likes Ambient
    Foods: Mild food
    Book Genre: Historical Fiction

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This random character generator can generate random characters; these characters are divided into simple characters and detailed characters; as you can see, simple characters only have a straightforward introduction. You can expand according to this simple character your imagination, thereby advancing your story. The detailed character contains a lot of information, including name, age, gender, personality, and appearance, etc. You can use the detailed character directly in your story or make some modifications to match your plot.

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