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  • [brief] This character is a man in his seventies, who is very adventurous. He comes from a poor background, lives in a country cottage and tends to eat too much.
  • [detailed]
    Name: Yume Dunlap
    Age: 27 yrs - Born 11th of May
    Personality: Straightforward, unintelligent, mean, passive and optimistic
    Appearance: Standing tall and thin with cream skin, Yume has an attention seeking feel about him.
    He soulless, almond-shaped dark brown eyes, a well-formed nose, and a rounded jaw. His long, straight, brown hair is is worn in twists.
    His clothing is loose and practical. A particularly noticeable feature is his distinctive laugh.
    Personal Status
    Marital status: Single (Asexual)
    Social Class: Middle class
    Education: Has a PHD
    Job: Data anylist - 22% satisfied
    Financial status: Struggling slightly
    Personal views
    Religious view: Theist - (Faith: 82%)
    World view: Realist
    Racial views: "We're all the same"
    Gender bias: "I think men make better leaders"
    Age preference: "I don't take young people seriously"
    Nationalism: "I enjoy living here"
    Conflict: "Violence solves everything"
    Physical/Health: Has Asthma
    Quirks: A self-professed shopaholic, Never uses public restrooms, Frequently cracks their knuckles and other joints
    Likes: Doing yoga, Travelling
    Dislikes: Bright sunlight, Slobs, Food that expires before it can be eaten, Bad smells
    Afraid of: The dark
    Self-satisfaction: 42% - Increasing
    Fitness level: 64% - Decreasing
    Motivator: Logic
    Skills: Very good at throwing their voice. Secretly skilled at engineering and muay tai. Knows how to use a whip
    Colours: Likes orange
    Music: Likes Death Metal
    Foods: Organic food
    Book Genre: Young Adult

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Argonians are races of humanoid lizards. They are strange in character and look like lizards, so most names sound a bit comical, and even some names sound negative, which is consistent with the characteristics of this race.

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