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  • [brief] This character is a woman in her seventies, who is very helpful. She comes from a comfortable background, lives in a penthouse apartment and tends to spend too much money.
  • [detailed]
    Name: Alan Carrillo
    Age: 27 yrs - Born 14th of January
    Personality: Gracious, mature, well-mannered, vain and nervous
    Appearance: Standing tall, and lightly built with bronze skin, Alan has a charismatic feel about him.
    He dull, round brown eyes, a turned-up nose, and a softly shaped jaw. He (naturally) bald.
    His clothing is loose and sporty. A particularly noticeable feature is his nice smile.
    Personal Status
    Marital status: Married (Bisexual)
    Social Class: Upper middle class
    Education: A studious student
    Job: Sales Assistant - 56% satisfied
    Financial status: In debt
    Personal views
    Religious view: Apatheist
    World view: Pessimist
    Racial views: "I don't trust members of certain racial groups"
    Gender bias: "Men and women are equal, but have different strengths and weaknesses"
    Age preference: "I respect actions, not ages"
    Nationalism: "I hate my country"
    Conflict: "Violence never solves anything"
    Physical/Health: No notable issues
    Quirks: Never washes dishes right away, Poor at managing money
    Likes: Loitering, Fishing, Drinking alcohol
    Dislikes: Attention seekers, Badly fitted clothes, Packages that are hard to open
    Afraid of: Isolation, and Imperfection
    Self-satisfaction: 12% - Increasing
    Fitness level: 85% - Stable
    Motivator: The desire for material gains
    Skills: Good at running and reading people's body language. Very good at inventing. Knows how to use a gun
    Colours: Likes white, hates lilac
    Music: Likes Rap, hates Dubstep
    Foods: Organic food
    Book Genre: Mythopoeia

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Argonians are races of humanoid lizards. They are strange in character and look like lizards, so most names sound a bit comical, and even some names sound negative, which is consistent with the characteristics of this race.

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