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  • Job 1. type: [Full time]

    Job Specifications
    Sector: Banking
    Position: Banker
    Level: Experienced
    Type: Full-time
    Hours Per Week:56
    Hourly Rate:$13.3 / £9.30
    Per Annum Approx:$38,730 / £27,082
    Distance From Home:11.4 miles / 18.35 km
    Employee Benefits
    Promotions: No
    Unpaid Holiday:3 days
    Paid Holiday:19 days
    Parental Leave:Yes
    Sick Leave:26 days
    Equal Opportunities:Yes
    Company Morality:Power-hungry
    Worker Satisfation:29%
    Company Reputation:Sought-after

  • Job 2. type: [Part time]

    Job Specifications
    Sector: Engineering
    Position: Engineer
    Level: Junior
    Type: Part-time
    Hours Per Week:28
    Hourly Rate:$9.72 / £6.80
    Per Annum Approx:$14,152 / £9,901
    Distance From Home:1.0 miles / 1.61 km
    Employee Benefits
    Promotions: Yes
    Unpaid Holiday:0 days
    Paid Holiday:17 days
    Parental Leave:Yes
    Sick Leave:22 days
    Equal Opportunities:Yes
    Company Morality:Good
    Worker Satisfation:47%
    Company Reputation:Sought-after

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About Job Generator

This job generator can generate random, complete "jobs", including job specifications, employee benefits and other details, more details include work department, position, level, hourly wage, annual salary, and holiday time. This is a very complete "job."

This job generator can generate four types of work, full-time, part-time, weekend, night, and every job has a detailed job description. This generator generates two jobs by default. You can generate your own work. You only need to select the work type and then enter the quantity to get the result.

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